Strike shuts down world’s biggest Nutella factory. A Nutella crisis now threatens?


The plant in Viller-Ecalles, Normandy in France is nearly at a standstill. For well over a week to strike A block at the end of workers, the entrance and exit for trucks. Ferrero wants to make the offer and announced that Those who blocked the entrance, need to pay by a court decision forced the funds. Since early Monday, the sanctions were in force.

It is, unfortunately, the biggest Nutella factory in the world. The trade Union Force Ouvriere said on its Website that 160 of the 350 employees of the Ferrero factory since last Tuesday in the walkout. You require around 4.5 per cent more in salary and a bonus of EUR 900 per employee.

production of children-Bueno already

set The factory for about a quarter of the world’s Nutella-production. The news Agency AFP reported, citing the Union of the four lines for the chocolate spread Nutella is only 20 per cent of its capacity in operation. Whether a Nutella-threatening crisis, is not yet known. The production of the chocolate bar kinder Bueno had been already set.

The Union is demanding a salary increase – the supply of Ferrero is to be understated. You’ve tried for six days to conduct talks, says the company. These, however, were from the trade Union rejected.

the factory was already in February, still

production for the time being

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