Sustainable, and delicious: In London Restaurants you can have a squirrel now-meat-eating


you are nimble, sometimes sassy, but mostly sweet: squirrel. However, for years there have been competition among rodents. The North America native grey squirrel is threatening particularly in England, are increasingly replacing the widely used in Germany, red squirrel (Eurasian squirrel). The Problem: The gray adjustment is ends extremely capable and has in the nature of the fight. Also many of the garden owners it is hated. The animals in the gray fur to steal the bird food, or peel the bark of trees. Also in dealing with passers-by, the animals show little Shy. You do not look at the picnic in the Park, it can happen quickly, that the grey squirrel being use.

reports On the menu: Slow cooked squirrel stew

As the British newspaper “the Guardian” and “Telegraph”, there is now a new Food Trend on the island. In London Restaurants is squirrel meat served. So, for example, in the Restaurant “Native” at London’s Borough Market. There, chef Ivan Tisdall-Downes served croissants, slow-cooked grey Ragout. And this is supposed to be not only delicious, but also particularly sustainable. The gray rodents are released because of their massive distribution in England to launch. Since the animals are killed anyway, you can process them directly, the logic of the London Restaurants.

The Invasion of the Grey

types of protection? Why hunters in England to make brutal hunting squirrel

As the London chef of the “Telegraph” revealed, has asked the meat very much. More and more customers are interested in meat not come from mass animal husbandry. With the grey squirrel, you would be presented now practically wild meat. Also, the ecological footprint is to the customer a Argument in the choice of the Ragout.

London cook: “It tastes almost exactly like rabbit”

“squirrel is one of the most sustainable proteins that you can cook. It tastes almost exactly like rabbit,” says Tisdall-Downes, who served the flesh for three years in his Restaurant. Five million grey squirrels, it should be estimated that in England. In contrast, only the 150,000 red squirrels. This is also why the meat is from North America, the root ends of the rodent is relatively inexpensive. Between two and five pounds, and costs an animal. Robert Gooch, owner of “The Wild Meat Company” that sold for 15 years, squirrel meat and told the Guardian that the demand increases constantly.

sources: “The Telegraph” / “The Guardian” / “The Wild Meat Company”


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