Sustainable coffee capsules made of wood? This company wants to make Nespresso competition


The “final boss” of the Start-ups “rezemo” is quite capsules clear Nespresso and their Aluminum: The German environmental aid Association estimates that the Germans consume about 3.1 billion coffee capsules per year. The are 8000 tons of aluminium waste and that’s only because Nespresso wants to sell a Lifestyle. The consumer develop more and more environmentally conscious. In this score, the entrepreneur Stefan Zender and Julian beat now Reitze. You want to revolutionize the coffee capsule market.


Stefan Zender (left) and Julian Reitze of “rezemo” want to revolutionize the coffee capsules

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capsules of The idea of a coffee from the wooden residence of Stefan in China and I came to the young entrepreneurs in your student apartment: “After a long period abroad in Saudi Arabia, we have developed a more intense awareness for the consumer,” says Julian Reitze in an interview with the star. “In particular, for the packaging problem. We are the first, the wood fibers and, therefore, an immediate natural material as a base material for food packaging use.”


Mark Ruijgrok

Nespresso-chief talks about sustainability: Greta Thunberg? “Who is that?”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The capsules of Nespresso are made primarily from aluminum. No other Material can ensure the quality of the coffee better, so the opinion of the company. The Nespresso Chef Mark Ruijgrok argued in a recent Interview with the star, that you should not consider the empty capsule as a waste but as a recyclable material. The prerequisite for this is the Recycling is.

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But the coffee is quality aluminum capsules really better? In fact, just the durability is longer, Julian Reitze. The aluminium capsules are up to 24 months suitable. “The question is: Does it really? From our experience we know that customers, before rates the capsules usually four to eight weeks – with our nine months, we are well above the needs of consumers, really. Because we produce regional, we ran a very fast chain, so that the products are in the shortest amount of time for the customer.”

wood-capsules “rezemo” made from 100 percent renewable resources Interview

New Food Trends

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By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The approach of “rezemo” is 100 percent renewable raw materials, no aluminum and no micro-plastic. In order to follow the spirit of the times. Because more and more people want to consume more sustainable. A Trend that will intensify in the future with security. “Each manufacturer has to weigh for themselves the extent to which he helped to shape today and the future.”

More than three years of research is in the wooden capsule, which consists mainly of wood in the Form of wood chips from local forests. After use, the capsule can be disposed of either in the organic waste or burned.

The entrepreneurs to connect with your product is the best of two worlds: those Who do not renounce to the comfort of coffee made from capsules would like to, but mind that capsules are made of aluminum and plastic, select your product. This is online as well as at selected food retailers, to find. 14 capsules, there is for the price of 5,99 Euro. Just for comparison: Nespresso capsules cost about 43 cents per piece, so about 6 euros for 14 capsules. The wood capsules are about the same, this makes the purchase a contribution to environmental protection.

Whether the product is going to take on the market, must only still show up. With the appearance at “the cave of The lion” is the entrepreneurs, at least, a greater degree of familiarity for sure.

topics in this article coffee capsule is the cave of The lion’s Nespresso, the protection of the environment coffee


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