Ten typical mistakes you make in the kitchen – and how to avoid them


Who does not know that The garlic is burned again, the spinach is received and the noodles have little flavor of its own. These and other errors are typical in the kitchen.

Also, when it comes to which foods may be stored in the refrigerator and which are not, there is often disagreement. The bread belongs in the refrigerator, in the calm or in the bread box near a Window freezes? Must tomatoes are Cool or at room temperature, stored?

Turkish for Foodies

So easy to prepare hearty Köfte yourself

Still more heated the discussion is, when it comes to Butter: Is Butter left in the fridge? Should you can’t stay for at least a week on the kitchen table, in order to unfold its full taste?

What happens when Basil is in the fridge?

Basil, for example, is particularly sensitive. To wither to put this in the fridge, he begins to lose his taste and the food takes on smells of the refrigerator. It is better to treat the Basil like a beautiful flower In a Vase, or the green leaves freeze.

As for bread: In the refrigerator, bread will dry out within a very short time. Therefore, fresh bread in a bread box store, within four days of opening and only cut into slices, if these are also eaten. You can freeze bread, but then you should make sure that it is well wrapped and thawed, wait until it is completely frost-free.

olive oil is condensed in the refrigerator, the garlic is starting to sprout. Also onions, you should store it in the fridge, they lose moisture, and this is the perfect basis for the growth of mold.

to know This has an additional benefit: Now you can finally create space in the fridge. Assuming you have enough in the pantry.

for More information in this photo:

did you know?: These food have in the fridge to find nothing Fullscreen

The Avocado it’s like, at room temperature to ripen. Therefore, do not put it in the refrigerator. Unless you have already bought a ripe Avocado and you don’t want to consume in the next few days – then off to the fridge. The Avocado is a berry and therefore a fruit and not a vegetable – even if the Germans do hearty like.


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