That is why we develop more and more food intolerances


allergies to certain foods, because experts are sure, and also in adults who had childhood never have problems with it. In principle, any food can trigger an allergic reaction. Especially children often react to basic foods such as milk, eggs, wheat or nuts.

In adolescents and adults, allergies are increasingly to plant-derived foods such as fruits, vegetables or nuts. Also cross-reactions play an important role. For example, if someone has a pollen Allergy and then also on certain fruits and vegetables is not responding. But not every reaction to a food is automatically an Allergy. It can also be simply a temporary intolerance.

Good for the colon

Fermented foods: this is Why Sauerkraut and Kefir are healthy

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

scientists have now found out what is the reason for this is that intolerances and allergies are increasing in number. The speed with which food allergies are on the increase, and exclude certain causes. Therefore, the hypothesis of the experts is that the increase cannot be genetic. Genetics wouldn’t change so quickly. It must, therefore, related to environmental influences that alter our Microbiome. These are the bacteria that live in our bodies – particularly in the bowel.

Too much antibiotics and too little fiber

scientists led by Cathryn Nagler of the University of Chicago have shown in a study how the Microbiome with food allergies related to it. They found that the gut bacteria of healthy human babies in a germ-protect-free mice of an allergic reaction to cow’s milk. There are certain intestinal bacteria, these are not available, developed you more likely to have allergies.

Nagler also has a justification for why the Microbiome is changing in our body. It was mainly due to the fact that antibiotics are misused and that we absorb with diet less fiber than we should. “Even if you avoid antibiotics personally, you are as a drug is quite stable and in more food and in our water supply than one would like to know,” says Nagler, the “Vice”. “The loss of fiber from the diet has been fairly observed resistant. Americans are famous for fast food or processed foods contain little fiber.”

Problematic this condition is because certain bacteria from dietary fiber diet. By taking less of it, and can, accordingly, change the bacterial population of the intestine. You leave some of the bacteria starve and promotes the growth of others.

Still, the researches are only at the beginning. Until then, You should maintain its Microbiome in the gut. What foods help, you can find here.

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