That’s why you should let the fingers of vanilla pudding from the discounters


The a love among the chocolate pudding with the icing on the cake, the disco, the other the vanilla pudding. Also tastes like the chocolate pudding at all the discounters – that is to say of the net, Penny, Aldi or Lidl – and even costs the same. Namely 19 Cents. But what can you expect for this price? Spoiler: vanilla you will not find in all of the custard cups.

it Borders the not almost of consumer deception? No, because on all of the “dessert creams” such as the vanilla call puddings, is clearly “Dessert” or “Pudding with vanilla taste” and not with real vanilla.

where the “vanilla” in vanilla pudding comes

the basic ingredients of the vanilla puddings differ from the chocolate pudding is actually quite little. The base is a skimmed milk. The can also be referred to as a “water of milk”, because it has about fat is only 0.5 percent. When vanilla pudding is also used cream, that is at least one ingredient that does not occur in the chocolate pudding (except whipped cream topping). Because the fat is replaced by sugar. But also the supposed vanilla puddings are not Sweet. On average, are used per beaker, 27 g of sugar, equivalent to about 9 cubes of sugar. The vanilla pudding from Aldi, the sweetest, the Penny is the least sweet. Nevertheless: a Little sugar not all.

Tricks of the food industry

Thereafter never again buy chocolate pudding from the discounters

The food industry knows exactly what Tricks must you apply, in order to achieve the best possible result. Chocolate pudding from the discounters, for example, costs only 19 cents – and the icing on the cake! How can this be? The ZDF is defined.

vegetable fat, Mono – and diglycerides are edible fatty acid, which make the Pudding nice and shiny. The are cheaper than animal fats. The food industry can preserve in your wallet. The strength arises in the case of all of the vanilla puddings using gelatin, which is mostly obtained from pig bone. When Pudding from Lidl is even made of beef bones, so there’s nothing for vegetarians. As with the chocolate pudding and the whipped cream topping with a stick is added to fabric to make it more durable.

vanilla is not yellow

And the vanilla? The is only specified as the Aroma. Real vanilla is not available here, otherwise the Pudding would also have small black dots, which are characteristic for the use of real vanilla. Also, vanilla is not yellow, an Association that has force-fed us the industry. It is, in fact, black. If you prepared a vanilla ice cream, for example, the color encoder actually only the cream-milk mixture and the characteristic dots in the ice. In the industry is helped along with dyes. All of the vanilla-containing puddings and the dye Beta-carotene, which is mostly produced synthetically.

made From skimmed milk, lots of sugar, of animal gelatin, flavorings, colorings and additives, an industrial product, which is said to be custard with vanilla flavor. And where is the enjoyment? Is this product more in the focus.


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