The asparagus-Hype is annoying: Why the vegetable is completely overrated


There is only one sentence in my surroundings for the more troubled glances as the confession that I’ve never seen “Game of Thrones”: I don’t like asparagus. The Hype around the washed out white or green rods is a mystery to me.

When this time of the year again, the asparagus Disciples out of their houses and booths in droves the Asparagus pilgrims, I can twist only the eyes. For a Kilo of the German, which are otherwise in so many things so sparingly, sometimes 20 Euro. With a proud face you have the loot then go home and load “to eat Asparagus”, “white Gold“ and serve to your friends. As the asparagus would be a status symbol. With so a lot of asparagus-euphoria in Germany, it’s actually a miracle that no one has the coat of arms proposed, and the Adler in Germany to replace it with a asparagus.

No vegetables German to build such a large area, such as asparagus. In the year 2018 were harvested in Germany, around 129.600 tons. In the spring there are the vegetables no Escape.

It is only the asparagus-Spice-Latte from Starbucks

no Matter is missing, where I go, what Restaurant in what city I enter, the asparagus followed me. Not only as a main dish, no, in Risotto, in salad, quiche, casserole, AU gratin, mashed or made into soup, welcomed me, the asparagus from lunch tables, and dining cards. Not for nothing the German asparagus is a pity. And so, he is rolled up in Sushi, on Pizza, scattered, and Punch mixed in. In fact, only the asparagus-Spice-Latte from Starbucks is missing.

Not once in the net I’m from the asparagus-disciples for sure. The asparagus is the Influencer under the vegetables. More than 200,000 photos on Instagram with the Hashtag “asparagus”. Instagrammers to share pictures of the unfotogenen labbrigen rods next to a lump of Butter with enthusiasm, which is otherwise given only to the pet. This asparagus is just like most of the other Influencers in particular: grossly exaggerated.

He is healthy and detoxified, at least, that I leave as positive characteristics. But spinach is also healthy and is celebrated still by anyone as magical and the best meal in the world. Popeye except now.

asparagus season

12 curious facts about asparagus

To me, the vegetable looks similar to attractive as a dry slice of toast bread. As a Supplement it is in order, but the consumption is neither filling nor approach satisfactory. The taste is, if I have to describe him as anything other than bland, with a lot of imagination, maybe even a little bitter. And the urine stench I don’t want to talk at all.

asparagus is socks like the tennis-in-sandals-combination as a meal

Still, I understand that so many Germans idolize the vegetables. Asparagus with sauce Hollandaise, finally, is socks, as the tennis-in-sandals-combination as a meal. Not just beautiful to look at, the typical English and not at all attractive (and at some point it will smell musty in doubt.). Even if psychologists say otherwise.

“This vegetable has a Phallic shape,“ said about a psychologist Jens Lönnecker the “world“. “Many consumers combine asparagus with the erotic.”

When I had not yet the clear evidence that asparagus are under the age of weird – then I have him now.

sources: “world”, “Statista”

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