The beer itself five DIY Kits brewing for home use in the Test


The winner of the test: beer-Braufass of Braukönig

With the right ingredients and of the appropriate brewing instructions in order, you can brew in your own kitchen beer itself. So at least the company claims it Braukönig: The beer brewing includes a fermenter, plastic, beer, wort, yeast, a Gärrohr, rubber stoppers and an instruction manual.

product tester noticed the following points during the self-test is positive:

preparation the carbonic acid content of foam taste

noticed a Negative impact, however, was that the sheaf is the tank made of plastic, and the result according to the beer tasted, but not a real Pils – it remember more to the taste of wheat. Nevertheless, the Roars, it was hoisted with the solid grade of “good” on the first place : “I must confess that I am of the final product positively surprised,” is the final judgment of the tester.

The second place goes to the Braubox

Significantly more expensive, but not automatically better is the Braubox the variety “Light” : The supplied ingredients including accessories (Gärflasche, beer pump, Airlock, malt blend, hops, beer yeast, Oxi-cleaner, dispenser, Thermometer) made Jonas a high-quality impression. A positive effect was noticed also that you had to brew in this Test, the beer itself: I.e., the mashing and Purify was taken in-house – the other Brausets this Part fell out.

Here, you should allow more time, since the preparation takes much longer. The result was sobering: “The end-product of high expectations could not be fulfilled completely”. Especially the lack of taste of light beer as well as yeast deposits at the bottom of the Braubox brought in at the end of the overall grade “good” (2.3) and the second place .


be brewing ingredients for beer in the Set is equal to

©Rouzes supplied The places three and four assigned to the Braufässchen

Here are two different varieties of the same brand were tested: Once the white beer-beer brewing, and on the other, the Dark-beer brewing with oak wood and honey – both of which received the grade “satisfactory”.

The beer included the following: An empty 5-Liter-barrel (as the fermenter), a bag of malt extract, a packet of yeast, a bottle of hop extract, a pressure valve and a manual. The result he found is due to a dominant banana Note, nevertheless, disappointing. In addition, the beer had, in the end, too little carbonic acid, which should not be missing in a good barley juice. The grade of “satisfactory” (2,6) landed the Braufässchen on the 3. Space .

kitchen self-experiment

How do I the best beer in the world brewed

Carsten Heidböhmer

followed by the Dark beer shower t the 4. Place also be rated as “satisfactory” (3,3). The handling is very simple, it lacked acid to the product at the end, however, in flavor and coal. This has motivated the Tester, to brew his “own beer”.

conclusion light beer Kwik

The forms for fifth place evidenced by the beer Kwik. In the application just as easily as his predecessor, was unable to convince the hops drink mainly due to its taste. The finished product had hardly acid and coal and recalled in the taste, more of a Cider than a beer. Significantly, it was also due to the lack of foam in a freshly tapped juice of the Barley, is an important factor.

conclusion : all in All, the five products for beginners who want to brew their own beer themselves. Also as a gift for the beer-brewing kits are particularly well suited – but if you want to be a real brewmaster, should look even deeper with the subject matter.

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