The best Restaurants in the world accolade for Tim Raue


On Tuesday evening, it was so far, the list of the 50 best Restaurants in the world, was published in Singapore solemnly. The whole of the front of a Restaurant, which was endowed this year, with three Michelin stars: the Mirazur with chef Mauro Colagreco.

He can call his Restaurant the best in the world. In the last year, the Restaurant is located in Menton, on the Côte d’azur, still on Position three was. The cuisine is not French, but reflects the personal journey of colagreco. Once in Argentina, was born, he has taken 19 years ago on foot in France. All of the shows on his plates. He worked for such luminaries as Alain Passard and Alain Ducasse. Since 2006 he runs his own Restaurant.

Osteria Francescana in Modena

Massimo Bottura – The Italians despised him, yet he was the best cook in the world

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Last year, Massimo Bottura won with his Osteria Francescana, there is the first place of the list. The is now ascended to the Olympus of the “Best of the Best”. A new category, which is determined for 2019 for those who have once occupied space 1. The managers justify this by saying that the movement of the peak positions would otherwise be too low. Who was once the world’s best Restaurant, is not taken into account in the next list.

Tim Raue: the Best Restaurant in Germany

for Tim Raue there was good news: He landed with his Berlin Restaurant again in the Top 50. The Restaurant “Tim Raue” is ranked this year at # 40 (2018 square 37), and is the only Restaurant in Germany in the Top 50: “madness! We are incredibly pleased that our Restaurant has received this year, this international recognition. Warmth, discipline, courage, ambition and passion are the attributes, the Rough, our terrific Team and we every day life and try to delight our guests,” announced Marie-Anne, the Manager, and the chef are.


New cook book “My Way”

star chef Tim Raue from the pack: “I never wanted to end up back in the gutter”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

“Berlin has become in recent years, the culinary epicenter of Germany, and also with two other Restaurants in the expanded list represented what pleased for our colleagues immensely. We represent this style, to create highly personalized culinary experiences for guests from all over the world, with unique employees of all genders, races, and religions, local colour and, above all, fun.”

Already in the past week, the courts 51 to 120 were announced. The “Nobel hard and Dirty,” Billy Wagner Micha Schäfer and the “Seriously” by Dylan Watson-Brawn have made it to the courts, 57 and 118. So two more Restaurants in Berlin are on the list.

Noma: From Zero to number two

Best Restaurant in the world

Noma: As a farm re-opened and now with two Michelin-stars

awarded The highest new entry ever, scored by René Redzepi with his new “Noma”. It is considered to be one of the most influential Restaurants in the world and be a chef as a godfather of the new Nordic cuisine. A year ago, the Restaurant had moved. Redzepi and his Team restored an old warehouse in Copenhagen, to an urban Farm. Bigger than before with its own gardens and greenhouses. This year, the “Noma” was awarded only two stars, now with the 2. Place on the Pellegrino list.

The list of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” is because of their main sponsor, San Pellegrino, as well as “Pellegrino list of” known and exists since 2002. The Ranking is created on the basis of the votes of an influential group of more than 1000 leading experts from the international gastronomy. 40 members and a Chairman from a total of 26 regions around the world, “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy form”.

Each member may cast ten votes. Of these ten votes must be at least four Restaurants outside of the Region of the member concerned. The Jury of each Region consists of Restaurant journalists and critics as well as renowned restaurateurs.

The System is quite opaque and is often viewed critically. German Restaurants are traditionally under-represented. What we notice is that especially star-endowed Restaurants, with male chefs are in the Top 50. At least, the proportion of women was increased in the Jury.

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