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The favourite dish of the German workers says it all about the Problem of the canteens in companies: curry sausage with French fries. Every day, millions of workers eat cheap meat and Convenience Food. “This must change,” says Koral Elci in an interview with the star.

So he has prescribed and his brother Onur to the canteen to eat. They founded the company “Kitchen Guerilla” and as a mobile cooking unit and creative Agency for food and drinks. For the past four years, they operate with a Team of Catering the Internet company Facebook. Meanwhile, in the case of Yelp, a platform for restaurant reviews. Every day the brothers in their own kitchen produce, on the outskirts of Hamburg, up to 500 food. And the trend is rising. They are in talks with larger companies that have 1000 employees, and more.

The new feel-good location

circuit with curry sausage and French fries: How and company canteens to change

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

workers, which do not have their own kitchen or where there is no canteen is available, order the most food through a delivery service directly to the office. In this case, the Schema is always the same: either the food is very monotonous, or in the case of cheaply produced ready-made meals. The Problem: The food contains a lot of fat, usually meat-heavy, and is heavy in the stomach. “What happens then? The workers slide into the midday low, you have fed neither healthy, nor they sat together at the table. In addition, the food and the delivery service is usually expensive,” said Elci.

large canteens to be liable, as before, a bad reputation: the use of finished products has been written in the last few decades. There is hardly anyone who has not yet been faced with the monotonous misery of many kitchens. Under the word community Board for a long time hid nothing Good. This type of gastronomy has so far been neglected simply. It is also of course the money. Who wants to eat good quality, the need to invest in. “I see quite clearly the employer on the train. He must ensure that his employees eat healthy. In the end it is a Win-Win Situation for both,” says Koral Elci. “The employee feels valued and his Motivation increases. In the end it works more efficiently.”

in the case of Facebook eaten

so What’s in the flagship canteens, such as, for example, in the case of Facebook in Hamburg? Global Standards: a salad buffet, a meat dish, alternating between poultry, fish or red meat, and a vegan food. There are three side dishes that are vegan or vegetarian. Most vegetables and a carbohydrate-containing component. In addition, there is a soup and Desserts. So it is for each individually possible, depending on the Constitution, his food.

The big Plus Here is something will never make it in the garbage. The staff called Doggybags are provided. Who lives in a Single household, can wrap up his dinner directly, and later to eat.

“Our claim: There are no bags to be opened, nothing is made warm. Every day is freshly cooked. Of course, the organisational disadvantages, because it takes a lot of staff. But quality can’t be beat,” says Koral Elci.

employers need to be in canteens

For canteens to invest there are several different models. Some have cold kitchens, some companies none, other kitchens in turn. Koral and Onur Elci want nationwide to construct systems that will enable workers to feed better. You want to revolutionize the canteens.

That the money is costs clear and that companies need to invest more in the health of their workers, actually. But many companies are not ready for that yet, and that’s a Problem. You can also cook with a low Budget, fresh and healthy. Since Elci is coral safe. “A menu with starter, main and Dessert and we cook for 15 Euro. A main dish we’ll loose for seven euros. And also for three to five euros, we can cook. Then, one may expect neither flight mangoes and even Avocados, but seasonal and regional products”. The brothers and their team of chefs work according to the “Nose-to-tail”philosophy. That is, you use all parts from an animal. If you buy meat, you buy a whole pig. So they regulate cost.

The food expert Hanni Rützler writes in her annual “Food Report”, that community Board was long perceived as a “culinary threat”. In many cases, this is actually still the case. Practice shows, however, that zerkochtes vegetable belongs increasingly to the past. The cafeteria revolution is in full swing.

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