The cheating with the olive oil: Ökotest, you can only recommend two


The only good news, the “Ökotest” in olive oil-can tell Test, is that all of the 20 tested olive oils from olives. The was it but also already. The testers approaches with the minimal requirements to the olive oil: It should be free of pollutants and the quality must be right. This is the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately, it is not so.

consumer will be misled

Bertolli, an Italian olive oil – how much Italy is in there?

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Shockingly, is in every second of olive oil mineral oil. In extremely high doses. Under mineral Oil hydrocarbons is a very large group of many different substances, some of which are carcinogenic. These ingredients have no business being in food.

Only two oils recommended

For four-virgin olive oil, noted the auditor in addition, sensor errors. The Oils from Alnatura, Byodo, and Naturata tasted rancid, the De Cecco-eaten. In the case of the highest quality class “extra virgin” is actually prohibited. Then it would have to be “extra-virgin” olive declared. An Oil tastes rancid, it is strongly oxidized. How can it come to this?

What is it, must not be

Shuffle in there Why Italian olive oil is usually a EU

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

a quality Oil must be harvested, the Olive, and immediately pressed, the only way quality can be guaranteed. In the industry this is not always the case. There olives from different countries will be delivered and stored for extended periods. Also, of course, bad fruit, for example, mouldy olives. These are not sorted out, taste the olive oil later, musty and rancid.

Ökotest” therefore, the only two olive oils: Rapunzel Crete extra Virgin olive oil for 9.99 euros per 500 milliliters, and Primoli I. G. P. Toscano Olio for 12,99 euros you can Recommend”. Both tasted the testers. Test loser is the Primadonna Oil from Lidl, it was inharmonious.

The whole Test, you can apply for a fee here.

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