The flu viruses in ice cream and licked the ice-Schleckerin was arrested by the police


The young girl was probably just having some fun: you opened in the Wal-Mart supermarket, an ice pack, licked with relish over the surface – then she grabbed the lid back on the ice and put the package on the shelf and the Video on Instagram.

Pretty funny, she thought – the network has ruled, however, different. The Video went globally viral as an example of anti-social behaviour. On the fun and don’t Walmart and the Blue Bell Creameries is the manufacturer of the ice cream could laugh. In the middle of the summer, a disgust-crisis reached the Blue-Bell products. From the supermarket immediately, all packages were removed with the ice and disposed of. In the process, you should have also found the fishing was ice.

police found the Clip funny

cooking about kitchens

“This Slop is not fit even for pigs”

the police of the case took. What is not so easy, because the girl has not received even the clicks, the Video was viewed eleven million Times. A Copy-Cat had copied the Clip and under the Account uploaded.

“What made this case quite difficult, was that a User wanted to collect with a similar screen name, the recognition for it,” police said in a statement.

This Person wrote under the

Beauty Influencerin

Sexy and clever – but their owners behind this Youtuberin does not leave a debris field

in The end it was too hard to make the villain to find, because she was seen on the surveillance videos of the super market. The girl is under 17 and is regarded in Texas as a teenager. You Are In Luck. An adult had threatened harsh penalties because of the change of food.

The girl is in the area of juvenile justice. Your friend is a grown-up. He should have shot the Video. On the Video you hear his voice, how he says “lick it, lick it”. A bad mistake, now he could be accused of the minors to have to be pushed to the Offence. That alone would be a criminal Offence, and food manipulation, he needs to stand up probably. Tampering with a consumer product is punishable in Texas by a two – to twenty-year prison sentence and up to a $ 10,000 fine.

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