The large Gin Test: These 11 varieties, you should try


Before not too long ago was pronounced dead Gin. However, the Spirit has experienced a Revival. For several years, Gin is booming in Germany and in the Rest of the world. Countless distillate try your and manufacturers a piece of cake to get – so you burn. Often with local ingredients, very unusual flavors and bottled in a chic decorated bottles. Meanwhile, new brands and varieties to appear in a weekly cycle. Gin is suddenly all the rage.

However, the huge selection can quickly overwhelm. The star editorial dares, therefore, the big taste test: to be Tasted alongside classics, but also interesting newcomers. And to anticipate it: The more testers, the more different the judgments. But that is the Good thing about the Gin: no Matter whether you like it floral or intense and spicy, Tonic or in a Cocktail – there is something for everyone. A note: the order of The Gins is not a Ranking, but rather is chosen at random.

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Tschin Gin

you are a Purist at the stove, cooking like high quality but simple, reduced, and regional? Then you need a bottle of TSCHIN Gin. Ruedi Käser, Swiss fruit burner, is limited to 4 “of Gin-and-spices”: cherry blossoms, forest master, forest berries, and the Federal Form of a juniper, the stretch holder. The Gin is powerful, the bottle is simple, and the label is absolutely unique, because each one is individually (!) Hand-painted. And if you have today, but not in the mood to cook – the bottle TSCHIN matches perfectly with the crunchy bread time.

©Tschin Gin

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