The life of a Top Model sounds glamorous, but it isn’t as glamorous as it may seem : Karan Oberoi aka KO


When we all see bill boards going down the streets we all somewhere wonder and wish if we were that model. The life of a model might look glamorous and charismatic from the other end but it is certainly not as interesting in real life. Karan Oberoi aka KO, one of the leading models from the nation where stands one of the seven wonders of the world – Taj Mahal, talks about life as a model and beyond. Modelling industry seems to be glamorous perhaps for few models who don’t take this as a serious career option, for them too this glamorous life of modeling world restricts after a certain point. It may be because majority of models especially in India get into this industry as they aren’t much educated and feel like finding career in the industry where looks are given primary importance. So in return they have to do lot of things that might not give them happiness and real joy inside their heart and in return they become victims of depression and sadness. To cope up with that stress, sadness and depression they get into real mess by becoming severely addicted to drugs and alcohol abuse. The other dark side of this glamorous modeling industry is no big model finds consistent work throughout the year, moreover they fail to get what is something they really wish for. Karan Oberoi popularly known as KO among the many talks about the other dark side of glamorous modeling world, that is when you almost reach at the top of your  game, or when some where people start associating you with top model tag, to cope up with that and to sustain the tag becomes a big challenge.
 Despite everything, his career could be viewed as a success.  KO has appeared on cover of many magazines, his gaze peering out from newsstands around the world. His smiling face and flawless photoshopped images cab be seen in national and international campaigns – be it in print or on TV—for clothing, fitness, bike and car commercials. It takes lot of patience, hardwork, practice, determination and struggle to super succeed as a model especially in a country like India where opportunities are very less and cannot be compared with Milan or London, which can be referred to as potentially not the real glamorous side of modeling says India’s top model Karan Oberoi “KO”.

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