The meat of the lab is to conquer the kitchen – but the prices are steep


The meat of the lab is to come. Start-ups such as Memphis Meats, New Age Meats, Aleph Farms or Finless Foods are already working on cultured meat. Finless Foods from San Francisco produced, bluefin tuna fish that has never seen the sea. The output product are some of the real cells, which then multiply in a nutrient solution, after three weeks, the tuna is ready.

According to the “Wall Street Journal”. the company later this year, with the laboratory Treats on the market However, it should not be to expensive Restaurants and sold, a product for the mass market, will said cultured meat first in about five years, Mike Selden, founder and managing Director of the company, the “WSJ”.

The market might be there. A quarter of 25 – to 34-year-old American says today that you are a Vegan or a vegetarian, the magazine “The Economist” called in 2019, even to the “year of the Vegan”. However, it is unclear how these customers will be taking the artificial meat. Vegetarians and Vegans, lab meat, and that no animal had to die? Or it remains for them but “meat”.

fighting words

The word “lab meat” is not listening to the creators. By this term it is only a small leap to “Frank flesh” – in memory of the Frankenstein monster. You cultured meat” or “clean meat like “” better. Artificial, laboratory and food – this triad has a bitter aftertaste. “Every great brewery has coats in a room in the Background, is clean, and the people in the white Lab, and yet not to be spoken of in the laboratory-produced beer,” said Michael Selde to “The Atlantic”. “But we are, for any reason, the laboratory fish, although it is exactly the Same.”

at the beginning of the cultured “meat”, especially for rich people who want to try something New. Currently, a Kilo lab tuna of Michael Selde caused cost of 8000 dollars. Up to the price of cheap meat alternative, it is, therefore, still a long way to go. According to the “WSJ” are the labs first, the most exclusive traditional meats copy, you will want to position their products as innovative luxury.

to The taste

it must be worked for, “We want to offer a Low-Cost and Low – Price product,” said Didier Toubia, CEO of Aleph Farms from Israel, the newspaper. Aleph Farms, however, is something more. Last year, the company presented – thin Steak, whose production has cost $ 50. The company wants to deliver to 2023 retail. Didier Toubia is assumed that the production costs decrease, but the prices for the product to remain high. “There is no reason why we should our products not with a certain premium to sell.”

The Toubia says. However, the resonance in previous tastings was not exactly exhilarating. The Steak of Aleph was edible, but not worth $ 50, it said. Other manufacturers of artificial chicken meat offered in the first place is not a “Mature” piece of meat, but tried to Nuggets – the but could convince only half of it. “The Atlantic” praised the crispy breading and the seasoning, but the meat was not convinced. to establish

as a high-priced product, must have done a bit of development work. As to meat consumption, similar to the Original, the substitute, is currently the structure and Form. From the Petri dish to a cell porridge. Also Finless Foods is working on the Texture of the tuna. “I’d be lying if I say that we have completely solved this Problem,” said Selden. The way out could be a 3D print of Sashimi appetizers, or Entrecotes.


The truth about meat and how you can replace it

It is juicy. Delicious. Irresistible. The Germans love meat and eat a record-breaking quantities. The burden on the health and detrimental to the environment. Long-breeders, researchers, and customers are looking for tasty Alternatives.

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