The mysterious count, and the young bartender – such as the myth of the Negroni was created


The count Camillo Negroni was, apparently, after a strong Drink, when he entered in 1919 in Florence, his favorite bar.

the history of the Negronis could begin. But tens of emergence of stories that revolve around the classic. So, the French General Pascal Olivier de Negroni is said to have tilted the Drink in 1857, in Senegal together. Luca Picchi knows the true story. He knows the history of the Negronis, the ruby begins red Drink made from Gin, vermouth and Campari, with the count Camillo Negroni and his visit to the Caffè Casoni.

red Cocktail

The whole world is drinking Negroni – behind

By Christoph Fröhlich

“When I was a young bartender, told some of the old bartenders from Florence, a story about the origin of the Negronis. They reported to me that Negroni in Florence by a mysterious count and a young bartender in a famous Bar in the “Via de’ Tornabuoni“, the famous street in the heart of the city, sometime in the twenties” was invented, Luca Picchi to the star. The Italian has researched the history of the Drinks and his findings in the book “Negroni Cocktail – an Italian Legend” published. He has ransacked archives, records, and photos viewed, documents are compared. “The Negroni is one of the best documented Drinks in the world,” he says today. His research Picchi took the emergence and straightened the myth in order.

count Camillo Nergoni was adventurous

The count Camillo Negroni (1868-1934) had led an exciting life, so Picchi. He rode in Rodeos, worked as a cattle breeder, gambled cards in Saloons – a living man, with a sometimes dubious reputation. “He lived at the end of the 19th century. Century in America as a Cowboy in Wyoming and Alberta,” says Picchi. Later, he moved to New York, traded in the cowboy boots and put on socially acceptable clothing, and dazzling personalities. Negroni was a warhorse, slender grown, adventurous, with a striking mustache and with melon or cylinder on the head.


Gin Basil Smash is the best summer drink of all time

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

In 1912, after he had lived for many years in the United States and Canada, invented, he returned with a mid-40’s to Europe. There, he travelled though still like to, however, in his pub in Florence, he remained loyal and visited her and the young barman Fosco Scarselli (1898-1963) on a regular basis. So even on a day in 1919. Negroni drank the then-popular “Americano”, a Cocktail of Campari, vermouth and soda water, the, Ian Fleming’s James Bond sipped (in a French coffee he could not let him whiskey or vodka flip). But on this day it should be something Stronger. Scraselli, a quiet, shy man, short handle hand to Ginflasche let-off for the soda water and replaced the lemon zest by a slice of Orange was born the Negroni. The drink tasted to the count so well that his doctor had him exhort, and soon, that 20 glasses of red Cocktails per day are really too much.

Negroni could only not But the big breakthrough came with the Drink was first “The Negroni became widespread in Europe in the late 1920s. But especially popular, he is not,” says Picchi was. Only the detour via Cuba should have made the Drink famous. “A Spanish bartender is probably gone during the time of Prohibition in the United States to Cuba,” said Picchi. Cuba was a Paradise for Americans, the drinking of joyful tourists had traveled there for the merry weekend. “And for Spanish-speaking bartender there was, therefore, at the time, enough work,” says Picchi. It don’t have it is surprising, therefore, that the first Negroni recipe, which was published, was found on a bar list of the Cuban “La Floridita”. “In my opinion, the Negroni was a cocktail classic in the 1950s after the Second world war,” says Picchi. Thus, the American Director Orson Welles was fond of the Drink, as he turned, 1947, in Rome, the Film “Black Magic”. “The bitters are excellent for your liver,” he said, “the Gin is bad for you. They are the same.”

It’s Gin O ‘ Clock: a Large Gin Test: the eleven varieties you should try Fullscreen

no one Dry Gin

Since 2015 is distilled, the Nobody Dry Gin in Hannover and won in 2018 in the case of the Singapore Spirit Awards in 2018 with a Gold medal. The Gin is characterized less through typical juniper notes, but shines with floral notes such as sandalwood, lavender and rosemary.

How it tastes? As a walk through a lavender field. Very sweet and floral. This is not for everyone, the taste of leaves in the Test split of impressions.

How you should drink it? With a simple Tonic, garnished with a rosemary sprig and Apple slice. Or with freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar syrup.

price: about 36 Euro (0.5 Liter)

©Christoph Fröhlich for star

With the advent of the Negroni, the number grew quickly to its variations: the one Who replaced the Gin with Bourbon, mixing a Boulevardier, who engages in contrast to the Tequila, creating a Teqroni. The Negroski vodka comes in a glass. A much easier variant is to be developed in the 1970s by a shot leagues bartender, the Prosecco instead of Gin tipped into the glass – that is the Negroni Sbagliato, the “muffed” Negroni was.

this year, the Drink is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Birthday. And a new Tradition has fuelled the myth of the Negroni: The Negroni Week, which were caused by the Barmagazin Imbibe in 2013. Around the globe mix Bartender Negronis for a good cause – a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. The creative bartenders have long since left the classic recipe behind.

One of them is Volker Seibert, from Cologne, of was in the past years, Germany’s donation is king. More than 3500 Euro came into his Bar, Seiberts Classic Bar & Liquid Kitchen together – an absolute record. For this year’s Negroni Week (from 24. up to 30. June 2019) he has a Andalusian Negroni can think of. Guests are served a Drink made of Campari, Vermouth and Palo Cortado (Sherry), to the ice cold stirred with an orange twist garnish.

top selling Cocktail in the world

Aperol Spritz – where it comes from and why Americans don’t like him

By Denise Snieguole Wachter, The many variations of the Negroni

With the simple original recipe did not do much to – and this is rightly so, says Picchi. Times have changed, and the same is true for Drinks. And the Negroni is one of those classic Cocktails that can be wonderful in many variations to prepare. Long ago, the Negroni of the many Bars is interpreted in a modern way. Picchi was honored in the spring with a price: He had created a chocolate version of the classic. For this, he mixes the Gin with a Sicilian Bitter (almond or Orange) and Wermuth with Barolo Chinato (a Cinchona bark-flavoured wine) and a touch of cocoa liquor. Such shenanigans to go for it completely in order. What’s not: approve of alcohol use or a weird recipe to create that no of the three basic ingredients in the glass again, says Picchi.”The secret of Negronis, its Name, its history, its simplicity and the perfect fusion of ingredients.”

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