The nonsense with the Quetschies: Why experts the fruit from the bag advise against


The term “children’s food” is not legally protected. However, it is up to each, what is meant by this: well know products in the supermarket that have been specifically designed for children. The are usually designed to be eye-catching and entice the Little ones with stickers, or a set of characters: sausage in bear form, Comic book heroes on cereal packets, yoghurt and milk products or fruit juice drinks. The Slogans for these products promises a healthy diet. However, instead of “tasty and healthy”, the colorfully packaged products, especially sugar bombs.

A product on a consumer Central is a particularly negative: Quetschies, so pureed fruit and vegetables in a resealable plastic packaging. Consumer advocates are alarmed, as manufacturers flood the market with more and more products. The costs but expected to often be significantly more than fresh fruit and vegetables. “In addition, the risk of more calories than necessary to absorb the light and constant Sucking. At the same time the caries risk rises, because the teeth from the high sugar-containing fruit puree can be washed”, like the consumer advice centre lower Saxony, in a Statement, writes.

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Greta Möller, Hamburg, Germany, 7 years old

Greta lives with her mother and younger sister in Hamburg, and also spends quite a lot of time with their grandparents. Her favorite food is fish sticks with mashed potatoes and applesauce are. You don’t like rice pudding.

©From Daily Bread by Gregg Segal, published by powerHouse Books a Lot of sugar, a lot of garbage

in fact, pieces of Fruit and vegetable sticks are far from beneficial for the muscles of mastication and the language development of the Small as a regular Sucking of a bag. Although the Quetschies with the indication of “no sugar added”, contain the bag however, natural fruit sugar, which, in turn, is for the milk teeth to be dangerous. In a Quetschie around 12 grams of sugar, or the equivalent of four sugar cubes stuck. The WHO (world health organization) recommends not to take more than six teaspoons (25 grams) of sugar to children’s doctors recommend for the Small, significantly less.


do you want your child to better eating? With these two Tricks, the is no longer a Problem

two are better than one. Researchers have studied how parents guide their children healthy food tasty can make. At least two factors are important.


100 grams Quetschie cost between 40 cents to 90 cents. In comparison: A 100-gram Apple, for example, costs only 20 to 30 cents. Compared to homemade fruit and vegetable purees products purchased, the cost of Quetschies in the supermarket, often Four to seven times.

the colorful printed bags for kids to come good, but the packaging is made of aluminum and plastic ends up after eating in the trash. Eco-friendly is not.

advises The consumer to consider the fruit pulp from the crush bag as a candy and not as a substitute for fresh fruit and vegetables.

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