The one with the Knack you have eaten Kale


“Understand that it means something, when no one except the North German green like cabbage!” No, he simply was not that good, Wolfram Siebeck, and cranky in his judgment. Of his style, because he was worthy indeed of veneration, in the handling, though, was the “time”-y grey. “Only the North of Germany …?”, I objected rhetorically. “So, since the Scots are also …” Because laughing was praeceptor.

We were not in agreement, and I stayed there and will stay there also now: I like green cabbage. Yes, I love him even more – not least because he is a seasonal food, such as strawberries and fountains, berries, watercress, asparagus and black currants, and because I can’t have him. It is only in the Winter. Quite different than the peppers from the plastic of Spain and the French beans in Kenya, the deterioration of the World’s tunnels, as we can see now – always and everywhere.

I would have been able to say in 2016, deceased Siebeck, you like green cabbage in the Netherlands, in Scandinavia and now also in Hollywood, where he is in charge of the Stars and Starlets under the name “kale” is highly popular. There is nothing good, what is hated Siebeck (Sülzkotelett), which he hated.

Which is the Kale is the best?

I buy my Kale fresh and, if possible, in all the palm trees. Done plucked a plastic bag of goods is often nothing better to do than. Frozen goods I Need, so it comes raschel loose from the shaker bag. In blocks of frozen slush cabbage I don’t buy, because its consistency is irrevocably wrecked.

Suddenly exotic

The green cabbage new dresses

So: a beautiful green cabbage palm tree defoliation, the krause Green of the Strünken of the individual fronds, pluck, and in a pool or a tub (if you make a larger amount) in cold water, wash thoroughly. It also can’t hurt to let the cabbage in cold water a little. From Download weary goods tightly is then fast again.

A large pot with heavily salted Blanc here water bring to a boil. In a punch drained cabbage leaves to the boiling water and again bring to a boil. The Cabbage For 1-2 Minutes (!) according to the Boil in a large colander, drain and immediately cover with cold tap water – the Jolly green shock of color. The green cabbage, squeeze it well and on a job Board only to roughly chop.

Up to this step, the preparation of the green cabbage is always the same. But Kale needs to be cooked, neither hours nor mushy. He can also crisp. Here is a variation as a Quasi – salad with poached Egg.

for A Vinaigrette mix 1 egg yolk, 1-2 TSP spicy mustard, salt, pepper, 1-2 TBSP tarragon vinegar 3-6 TBSP walnut oil (toasted nuts).

A handful of roasted hazelnuts a rough chop, just so long that you can’t wegkullern.


Fresh green cabbage is washed in cold. It makes its leaves bring again full and crisp

©photo: Wolfgang Schardt; Styling: Maria Grossmann; food styling: Roland hostage man

In a tall saucepan of vinegar and water to a Boil. Very fresh eggs (you should, if you open a try on a plate, the egg whites as closely as possible, and sublime to the egg yolks, gathered to hold eggs, the can not afford, can not poach.) The boiling water in a swirl enable 1 Egg carefully into a Cup, beat and from there gently into the vortex slide, where the clotting protein by water power, the Yellow is wrapped. The Egg after 3 minutes of cooking time with the slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.

According to the same procedure as many eggs poach as necessary – you are allowed to cool.

In a wide flat pot 1 medium-sized chopped onion to sweat along with 1 peeled and round with a little Knife, and incised clove of garlic in 1-2 TBSP. of vegetable oil about 5 minutes until translucent, then add 100 g of diced Ham and 3-5 minutes mitgaren, where you may like to add a little color to accept.

Ali Güngörmüs: Ali’s kitchen acclamation

be Underestimated, and yet so versatile: What is it with cabbage all cook

A few handfuls of Kale into the pan and cook about 5 minutes on a high heat in a Chinese Wok Stir-fry, season with salt and pepper. The cabbage will now fall somewhat, but retains its color. In the last Minute add the chopped hazelnuts and add it roast with the chicken; the garlic out fishing on the occasion.

The cabbage in deep dish, sprinkle with the walnut Vinaigrette, drizzle with 1-2 poached eggs assigned to serve.

green cabbage in the classical Mus-variant

a Classic, I prepare the Kale so: 3-4 medium-sized onions, peel and finely dice. The onions in 50 g of pigs – or, better still, goose fat sauté until they are glassy and brown Stipsel show; while frying, add 1-2 whole garlic mitgaren toes. The Kohl expressed to the onions and 10 minutes, Stirring occasionally anschmoren, then approximately 200 ml of Wild or Goose stock and the cabbage weak squelchy for about 30 minutes to cook. He will lose inevitably the beautiful color.

2-3 TABLESPOONS of crushed oats (oat groats, organic food, and crushing to admit); he soaks up the liquid and makes the Kale slightly thickened – like a lot of oats exactly is inflicting, which is dependent on the amount of liquid in the pot. Season to taste with salt, black pepper, and some light vinegar (balsamic ban!).

by the Way fry, I vacuum-sealed and pre-cooked chestnuts in Butter, caramel, you personalize it with sugar and sprinkle it on the finished Kale.

I rich confit goose legs, smoked pork chops or strong smoked sausages, such as Vaud or pee, Polish or Mette. For this beer, but red wine tastes, of course.

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