The perfect Raclette succeed at home


We Germans eat Raclette is heated, preferably, in pans, a Raclette-oven with electrically-heated stone. This is simple, and for large rounds of a social food. But the use of Raclette Ovens, a modern invention. Originally a large piece was heated cheese loaf directly on the open fire and the melted cheese on a piece of bread and scraped. Hence the Name: racler, which is French and means ‘scraping’.

Today, Raclette: the cheese fondue of the Swiss national dishes. This is a very special cheese is used: a Swiss Raclette-cheese that is manufactured in hand work. The preparation has hardly changed at all, only the open fire have become places of rare.

Raclette-need to cheese to be spicy and melt well. Raclette Suisse and Valais Raclette in Switzerland, on the table. You need to be careful with Raclette cheese from other countries, many use the preservative E235, behind Natamycin. Consumers Central the bark recommend a half inch cut off. In the case of Swiss raclette cheese you have to worry about this. He is free of preservatives and additives.

How to Raclette properly eat

Who wants to make the loaf not by the camp fire in a sociable group to melt, for there are now modern devices. For example, the popular Raclette-oven with electrically-heated stone. This is the most common. Or to use an oven for the cheese halves. The cheese is clamped in a holder and with a heating coil to melt. The cheese can now be with a knife on the plate or on the bread scraped.

1. Basic equipment

best to get a raclette oven, which is available in stores everywhere. In the summer, you can prepare the raclette pans on the Grill.

2. Cheese

Calculate per Person, per 200 to 250 grams of Raclette-cheese. Cheese can be bought already done in slices at the cheese counter or in the refrigerated section. 30 minutes before eating, you should take the cheese out of the fridge, so it can unfold its full Aroma. Who buys cheese at the piece, it can kidney ones.

3. Supplements

Originally, it was Raclette with potatoes, silver onions and gherkins served. You can of course add, what a taste: ham, asparagus, fresh vegetables, pear, pumpkin, but also pieces of meat.

4. Drinks

In Switzerland, is drunk to Raclette, a typical white white wine. At the best a dry. As with the cheese fondue. Who doesn’t like alcohol, you can Black or herbal tea to drink, which also stimulates the digestion.

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