The right Pasta for each Sauce


Since ever is arguing about where the noodle originated. She is from Asia? Marco Polo brought them from China to Europe? What is also true, it is assumed that pasta and noodle dishes have developed independently of each other. The earliest indications of pasta, originate from East Asia. In a prehistoric village in North-West China, were found during excavations of 4000 year-old noodles made of millet and millet in a sealed earthenware bowl.

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Which is the Italian classic it is?

anyway, the Pasta is so closely woven in Italy, at the top, like the bratwurst with Nuremberg. And every Italian Region, even claims every Italian mamma has her own Pasta recipe. The pasta is usually prepared from hard wheat semolina and slow dried. The homemade see the not so meticulous and smooth as the industry of pasta. For you to take but the Sauce is much better and convincing in the taste.

The classic pasta dishes

One of the classics among the pasta dishes, the Pasta alla carbonara. Since ever is a fight about who is supposed to have invented the Pasta classics. The Köhler, or the court is created after 1944 from a compound of eggs and Bacon rations of American soldiers with Italian culinary culture? First evidence for the name and recipe of Pasta alla carbonara there are in fact only since the post-war period.

Also, the lasagna is a popular noodle dish. In addition, one of the oldest. Already in the ancient Roman Lagana were eaten, thin pasta sheets. In Germany, we get this as “lasagna al forno” in the Restaurants. Lasagna consists of layers of pasta sheets, is traditionally filled with meat, with a creamy Bechamél Sauce surrounded with Parmesan AU gratin.

A pasta, a Sauce

In Italy there is also an unwritten rule: the determination of the Pasta for a specific Sauce. Carbonara, for example, you would never be with Penne or Rigatoni dinner, Amatriciana (tomato sauce and bacon) are eaten exclusively with Bucatini (tubular pasta with a hole), for lasagna always noodle plates are used. For some sauces, two to three types of pasta in question. Which of the following pictures!

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