The truth about acai – how you saved a people and It was berry


a few years Ago, none of the Superfoods had heard of the term. Nowadays they have changed to a Lifestyle. Because Superfoods are fruits and vegetables, to be much healthier than “normal” fruits and traditional green stuff. But what Superfoods actually are and what you can do with them?

As Superfoods food are referred to, particularly many of the valuable nutrients and high health-promoting properties are attributed. You should be full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. How, for example, the acai berry, originates from South America.

Since the U.S. host Oprah Winfrey the acai berry as a Slimming and Anti-Aging miracle berry has been touted, has erupted into a worldwide Hype. It contains anthocyanin, a dark plant pigment and powerful antioxidant that protects the cells against free Radicals and wrinkled skin and other health complaints prevent.

“help” against excess weight and wrinkles

acai berries – the new Superfood?

By Nicole after berry hot man Like the Açai-an Amazonian people saved

The Sage, is said to have saved the acai berry a people from Starving to death. Even before Portuguese ships landed in Brazil, there lived a great Tupi tribe on the banks of the Amazon, where today the city of Belém is located. The people suffered from Hunger, so the chief of the tribe Itaki decreed that all newborn babies were to be sacrificed, until a new food source. And he made no exceptions. To a large Scare his daughter, Iaça, who was pregnant with a girl.

The young mother cried for days, long after she had lost her Baby and prayed to their God Tupa to show her father a way to save the tribe from Hunger and suffering. According to the legend, you will be in a moon night your daughter appeared, she sat at the foot of a palm tree. Just as suddenly as the baby appeared, the more silent he disappeared again. At sunrise, staring Iaça to the tree crown, which was full of dark fruits. The thick, nutritious out of the berries. The chief Itaki saw it as a blessing of God, Tupa, and named the berries acai, in honor of his daughter (her Name backwards spells). To sacrifice the command, newborns, picking up the chief. The Tupi-master never had to go hungry again.

Chia, Açai & Goji: The berries are the best domestic Alternative for Superfoods Fullscreen

For Açai from South America, you have to dig deep in the bag. They are a Superfood and contain plenty of calcium, minerals and fiber – and especially anthocyanins. The dark plant pigments are considered antioxidants, which, in turn, protect our cells. In a Smoothie Bowl, for example, as in the picture, the berries make a good figure. But he must not be exotic, because the Alternative is growing right in front of our door…

©iStockphoto acai Bowls – the It court of the surfers and fitness adherents

Many hundreds of years later, the Açai is globally all the rage. In Brazil, it is eaten by all strata of society whether poor or rich. In Rio de Janeiro are on almost every street corner, the Açai Bowls sold as a sweet porridge with different Toppings. Traditionally, this is not. The berry is typically eaten as a side dish to fried fish and shrimp. The Locals enjoy the berry like pure.

It was in the 90s, the surfers and athletes discovered berry on the coasts of Rio de Janeiro, the Wonders, and have sweetened the Açai with Guarana syrup, which is rich in caffeine,. The berries made a refreshing Snack and was the impetus for the acai fever in the athletes-scene.

the Açai, there is usually already processed, because the fresh berries are perishable: juice, powder, or fruit spreads are to be found in the trade. The juice of the Açai to be delicious with other fruit juices to combine. -Dried Açai berries to jazz up any cereal. But Be Careful! Just because the Açai berry’s health-promoting properties, be says, is not of berries to a sugar-rich cereals healthier by a few dried Açai.

Superfoods can, of course, bring variety in the diet, often you need but no exotics. Because there are native Alternatives: red cabbage, blueberries, elderberries and red grapes contain the same healthy ingredients like Açai berry, and are cost-effective and to buy at any farmers ‘ market.

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