The turn of Barilla returns changed: As the CEO of the homophobic Image of the noodle Empire


it All began with a statement by the Board of Directors of the noodle Empire Barilla. The now 60-year-old Guido Barilla said in 2013, in a Live Radio Interview, something that cost the CEO Claudio Colzani a lot of work, and to busy today, as the magazine “Bloomberg” reported.

Barilla word literally said: “I would never shoot a commercial with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don’t agree with them.” If gay customers should not be like that, you should just buy a different brand, said Barilla. The brand targets the “classic family” from. He was more clear that he opposes Adoption by gay parents. Barilla itself has five children. All he said to live one of the most popular radio station in Italy.

The Image Barilla was

PR disasters

homosexual is not aimed to fit into the Barilla-the world

Colzani could not believe his ears, he was sure, the image damage was done. The Pasta maker Barilla was just accused a short time later homophobia. It has called for a global Boycott. The University of Harvard, away, Barilla Pasta from their dining rooms, Colzanis family and friends questioned what company he was working. Many of his Team felt unwell. The large traders from the United States and Europe asked for a Meeting with Colzani. The list of celebrities who spoke out publicly against the Pasta maker, was getting longer and longer …

for Decades, Barilla was untouchable. The company survived on a diet Trends, the vilified carbohydrates, and made a quarter of the U.S. Pasta market. After the homophobic statement by the management Board but Barilla has lost his face. The Reputation of the Noodle maker was gone.

What did so Colzani? He stuck his head in the Sand, but put everything in it, the Image again burnish. This lasted for five years. He invested five million US dollars to bring about a year to turn the company’s Image. He hired Kristen Anderson, the monitors as the “Chief Diversity Officer” that the rights of homosexual persons to be respected in the company. Colzani hired a consultant and appointed a Supervisory Board for Diversity issues. Guido Barilla apologized on several occasions and met with LGBT activists, who advised him, as he’s LGBT group-friendly can rebuild. The efforts of the Colzani and Barilla bore fruit. In the last five years, the company has achieved in the gender equality index “Human Rights Campaign”, the highest possible score. Of around 800 companies, it was examined to reach this value less than half.

a model for equality


pasta made from lentils or chickpeas: What is the good anyway?

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

in 2018, then happened what had kept Guido Barilla never possible. The Pasta world championship in Milan, the company presented a limited Edition of the product Spaghetti No. 5. On – similar to lady and the tramp – there were pictures of two women holding hands, and shared a pasta. Barilla transformed from a noodle giant who never wanted to have homosexuals in his campaigns, in one of the Spaghetti in Homo sold erotic packaging.

the German Queer Community welcomed the change of image. The company is now in your dealings with Gays and lesbians as a model. The company has supported LGBT groups and initiatives for the protection of transsexual employees.

Barilla is a Pasta-super power. The manufacturer sold products worth four billion US dollars in more than 100 countries.

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