The Twitter chief eats only once a day and fasts at the weekend – he has an eating disorder?


Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, likes to go to his limits. Also to tremendous Stress. For Dorsey pulls back like ten days and operates self-flagellation, as it is probably the most describe it would be: He meditates, then half five in the morning until nine o’clock in the evening. He reads, writes, speaks, and uses no electronic device. Eye contact is also taboo. For this, you must take two Times a day a vegetarian meal. Already eats more than Dorsey normally. On Twitter, he leaves the User to his Lifestyle, he often is ridiculed for it.


Controversial Theory

Breakfast should be the new Smoking? An expert gives the all-clear

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

In the Podcast, “Ben Greenfield Fitness” explains Dorsey his eating routine, which excites many users of concern. The Twitter boss only eats in the evening. And sometime between 18: 30 and 21 o’clock. Then there are fish, chicken, Steak with lettuce, spinach, asparagus or Brussels sprouts. For Dessert, he indulges in some berries or dark chocolate. Sometimes he also drinks red wine. The first two weeks of his Diet were hard for Dorsey as he explains in the Podcast, but he had noticed changes: “during the day, I feel a lot more focused,” says Dorsey. “The time that I get from Breakfast and lunch, it has allowed me to focus more on my day.” He also says that he may better sleep and fall asleep faster.

studies have shown that intermittent can help, in the end, fasting in losing weight, but further research is required when it comes to improving sleep. There is evidence to suggest that fasting can improve mental sharpness.

Extremely, the diet from the Twitter boss especially on the weekends. He eats on a Friday night nothing. And also all day Saturday. His first meal he takes up again until Sunday evening. In between, he drinks only water. “For the first Time, so on day three, I had the feeling that I am hallucinating. It was a strange condition. The next two times I realized how much of our days with food,” says Dorsey.

On the weekend, Jack Dorsey eats nothing

fat and Protein

What nutrition experts eat for Breakfast

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

experts warn against extreme fasting, especially if you take longer than 24 hours. A Extremely such as this should be discussed with the doctor and be monitored closely. Social networks are also voices comment on Dorsey’s diet is critical. A user writes that it sounds almost as if Jack Dorsey had a serious eating disorder. Especially the taking the Workout of a meal the very opposite Dorsey’s program. He runs to work every day. A total of eight kilometres.

It seems to develop a Trend among the elites of Silicon Valley, as more and more Techies are practicing the ancient philosophy of stoicism. The teaches to be satisfied with what one has. Perhaps this concept is devoted to no one more than the 42-year-old billionaire Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square.

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sources: “Ben Greenfield Fitness”

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