The unsung heroes of the kitchen: These ten helpers you need for cooking


Already knew that our grandmothers, on what are the things that is important in the kitchen. Of course you also needed to have a functioning stove, the fires often with wood. Or it was cooked over an open fire. With the progress of the electric came stove. Nowadays, there are a large selection of ovens and wall ovens ranging from Gas to electric to induction. And they all meet one purpose: delicious dishes for friends, family or to create yourself.

But it is above all the small kitchen gadgets that simplify the preparation of dishes. Who is not familiar with it, to cut with a blunt knife is a tomato. You must struggle, then, pretty, to get through the shell. A sharp high-quality knives in the kitchen is essential. It is not a also depends on the quantity, but a large sharp knife. If you like, to create a sharp vegetable knife. If this be but blunt, you need not despair. Each of knife, you can sharpen at home, either with the ceramic bottom of a plate or a grinding stone. If all of this uses nothing more to make his good knife to when professional for a small fee loops.

The helper be worthwhile in the kitchen

What is a kitchen without a Grater? It is not only RUB the Parmesan cheese for a Spaghetti Bolognese is a staple, but is also ideal for Grating vegetables or fruit. What RUB would you buy, depends on what you want to do with it sweetheart. There is a kitchen grate, the combination of devices and a plurality of grinding types. Of a porridge-like consistency on coarse-and fine-grated, up to wafer-thin slices. Kitchen graters can be used for the preparation of raw food salads or for the preparation of potato pancakes. Those who like it modern, you can also use an electric kitchen machine.

What kind of food should helper you have, nor is it necessarily in the house, you can refer to the following photo gallery.

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