The woman lived for many years, vegan – now she eats only meat


Sylwia Tabor was convinced a vegan – a total of three years. A documentary about animal cruelty she had moved to the vegan life style and to waive, among other things, also completely meat-free. Mitter while eating Tabor meat again. And nothing Else. The 32-Year-old from Sacramento in the U.S. state of California, swears now on the so-called carnivorous nutrition.

“My perfect diet”

Why it would be Best if we were to feed us vegan

The radical change of mind was, how different to British media reports, by a severe illness, Tabor’s triggered. When Camping in Michigan Tabor, a spider was bitten and suffered a severe infection. Her life was in danger, in a three-hour Operation to transplant Doctors, the skin of the American to the infected Places on the leg. Then Sylwia Tabor had to change Willy-nilly to your diet.

Two pounds of meat a day

“My digestive system was destroyed because I had for years eaten only fruits and vegetables,” she told the Daily Mail. You have to keep in the first time after her illness hardly anything, only in the case of meat, your digestive system played with to some extent. Anyway you have felt during their vegan time is often the health of the poor: “My body has clearly proteins shouted. If someone has fried a Steak, I had to leave the room, because the Demand was so overwhelming.”

The fruit sugar have attacked your gums so much that it already hurt to drink a glass of water. Constantly felt weak and sick. “I had to change something, because of the veganism killed me”, she summarises.

Now it’s Sylwia swears Tabor on meat and nothing else. Since last year, it feeds exclusively: that is, a day, two pounds of lamb, beef, or animal offal, reported the Daily Mail. Tabor tries as a nutritional coach to convince others. You will feel according to his own testimony as well as never. The concerns that made you once a vegan, she has with her new diet: “I get my own meat from a local farmer. I know that it comes from a good place, so I’m to the ethical problems, no Worries.”

source: Daily Mail

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