There’s a good reason why your Toast should be freezing


25 million slices of Toast to land in the United Kingdom in the rubbish every day. That’s the equivalent of one Million discs in the hour. Why? Because the consumer is not able to consume the Toast in time, and because of the misconception prevails, getoasteter Toast would be after a few hours of enjoyable.

It is freezing out there but a simple Trick to avoid this huge waste mountain of bread:. A new campaign by the Anti-litter Charity “Love Food Hate Waste” appeals to the consumer, to toast bread to freeze and consume a Toast not only for Breakfast but also as a Snack any time of the day. The “Guardian” reported. The campaign, which is led by the government, should particularly appeal to Millennials, the 18 – to 34-Year-old. A survey showed recently that 69 percent in this age group, weekly bread to throw away. 26 percent don’t even know that you can freeze bread, do it.

So the Toast could be garbage mountain disappear

Previous studies have shown that If every inhabitant of the United Kingdom would only throw away three slices of Toast less in the week, would the disappearance of the Toast-garbage mountain. The study also found that 56 percent of the respondents consume four Times a week, Toast food, 31 percent of it every day. Eat the most Toast for Breakfast or Lunch, only a few (19 percent) for Dinner, and 23 percent snacking Toast in between as well.

in 2015, have thrown away the British, 7.3 million tons of food. You would avoid this garbage, it would have the same positive effect on the environment as taking one in four cars from the streets. For comparison: in Germany Alone, around 18.4 million tons of land every year for food in the garbage. The 2015 study published in the environmental Foundation WWF. An officer said at the time that tens of millions of tons of it were already avoidable without the use of new technologies. The British, for example, would only have to throw away less toast bread.

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