These 10 dishes you should eat when you are sick


The complaints are known to everyone: It does not itch in the throat, the Sneezing stops. The nose is no longer running, smells, piercing, it’s hard to Breathe, we need to clean the nose. Sometimes Chills, headache and body aches, and a General exhaustion feeling to it. The body temperature is in adults, if anything, slightly increased. Children more often get a fever, in the normal case, this is not a cause for concern.

the highlight of The cold is usually achieved after two to three days. After seven to ten days, the nightmare should be over. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent a cold. But you can try to strengthen the immune system or to keep it fit. Even with a balanced diet.

Far as the Belief that Vitamin C for colds help is still spreading. Anyone who is sick should drink eat fruits and vegetables or fruit juices. However, studies have shown that the intake of Vitamin C brings nothing more, if the cold is already broken out.

other countries, Other soups

Nevertheless, many swear by tried-and-true home remedies, and of which the Hungarian is just as convinced as the South Koreans and the Italians: The Hungary, for example, swear by the honey-garlic tea. It sounds strange, but should help marvel. Fresh garlic is mixed with honey, and when infused in hot water and SIP consumed.

In South Korea, one eats you. That is nothing more than chicken soup in Korean. The is usually cooked with a little chicken, which is stuffed with glutinous rice, garlic, Ginseng, and Chinese dates (Jujube). Who’s got a cold in Italy, ordered “in bianco”. It is, in a sense, to Pastina, pasta in miniature form in the broth.

What are the home courts are still considered to be a miracle cure, you will learn in the following images.

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