These are the ten best Bars in the world – the number one opens at ten o’clock in the morning


One thing is certain: If you really want to drink good Cocktails, you should speak English. Among the recently-chosen five of the best Bars in the world, four are in New York and London. The two cities are the creative Hotspots of the bar culture, from classic Drinks in hotel bars up to Cocktails with modern Twists and unusual ingredients is served here in all.

The best Bar of the year, the Dante in New York. Located in Manhattan, scores the Italian Restaurant, especially with its authenticity. Anyone who wants to, can take from ten o’clock in the morning, the glass in the Hand. But Latin America is catching up: Both a Bar in Buenos Aires as well as in Mexico city, managed the leap into the Top Ten. Click track in our photo (above) by the ten best Bars in the world.

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