These are the ten best European cities for food


travel and food – a beautiful combination it really is not there. Because how else can you get to know a country and its culture, to taste the local dishes? It is best to arrive in a Restaurant, where many of the Locals. Avoid snacks and Restaurants that are major attractions, and is already full of tourists – there you can eat maybe good, but most likely you will not get to know the authentic cuisine in the area.

What’s a good Italian restaurant

see Who is in Italy in a Restaurant and would like to find out whether the food is good there, you can proceed according to the following rules:

Trick 1: you can Order simple dishes: Pasta with tomato sauce, Carbonara or Aglio e olio.

Trick 2: Mozzarella cheese is never served with balsamic vinegar and pepper. Never! Olive oil and salt are the main ingredients.

Trick 3: vegetable Antipasti does not taste sour, but offers the natural taste of the vegetables.

Trick 4: Pasta with fish AND Parmesan – the not. The Parmesan has to look at the fish.

Trick 5: Scaloppine are thin and made of calf meat. And no scrappy pork.

Trick 6: runs the lining When the Pizza down, it is not simply good. The floor must be crispy and crunchy and not too thick. And drink to Pizza beer – never wine.

Trick 7: the house wine has to taste and is not expensive. Point.

Trick 8: Cappuccino is a Breakfast, not a Digestif.

Good Restaurant? Si!

Eight Tricks, what is a good Italian restaurant

Not recognize the red-and-white checkered tablecloths make for a good Italian Restaurant, but what lands on the plate. Tomato sauce with cream? No. Sour Antipasti? No. We provide orientation.

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

In what cities in Europe to eat well it can go – or where everyone is a Foodie must, you can refer to the following pictures.

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