These eight dishes and drinks you should order the Vietnamese


Vietnamese cuisine is historically influenced strongly by Chinese cuisine influenced – at least in the North. In the South, and the culinary influences from Thailand and India. And also the French colonial powers have left their culinary traces: Baguette, Croissant, and coffee have been incorporated in a modified Form, and nowadays indispensable.

As in most Asian countries are rice and rice noodles in Vietnam as a staple, as are vegetables and fruit. Meat and fish play a rather minor role. Spices and fresh herbs are often used, but also cinnamon and anise, especially in combination with meat. True Flavors Booster!

Vietnamese dishes need only a short preparation time, until you get to the table land. Shortly Roasted in pans with a high open fire, for example, or the Curl of ingredients provided at the table, such as herbs, salad leaves, rice noodles and strips of vegetables are popular. The Vietnamese eat less preparation, but more to the socializing value. Similar to our Fondue or Raclette.

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each dish in Vietnam, rice is served. In addition, a selection of plates with chopped vegetables, fresh herbs, salad leaves, baguette, rice noodles and fish sauce is usually. The latter is a must in almost any court.

In the streets of Vietnam is full of small food stalls: There are soups or stews for the equivalent of 50 cents, you should definitely try.

For dessert, sweet cakes are served with fruit. Drink water, green tea, coconut milk, or beer (example, way, Saigon beer). Vietnamese coffee is of very good quality, but also quite strong. He is prepared French – on the glass screen comes with ground coffee and hot water, but in the glass of sweetened condensed milk is already.

What you should taste in every Vietnamese Restaurant in this country, you will see in the following pictures track!

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