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Good food and the Savoir-Vivre, to live, so to ‘understand’ belongs to the French way of life. In France, only good products to come on the dining room table. And not only at home but also in the Restaurant. The French cuisine is one the most influential country kitchen in Europe. In the 19th century. Century was already the Haute cuisine, which became the French national cuisine. Just as in Germany, in France there are various regional cuisines, based on different ingredients, combinations and preparation methods.

France – the country of cheese and wine

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It is said that French cuisine was born with the French Revolution. Good food was withheld, until then, only the French nobility and the monarch. The common people had to suffer from Hunger. With the beheading of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, all of this changed abruptly. The chefs of the Royal court lost their jobs and had to reorient themselves. At the French court, the food has been celebrated. The menu of five, seven, nine or more courses were not uncommon consequences. It was only when the former cooks of the nobility in Restaurants, settled, had the people finally have the opportunity to enjoy the fine French cuisine. You could also place an order for the first time, à la carte, so a dish of the card.

Tartar, Moules frites, Crème brûlée: What you order at the Frenchman Fullscreen


should some of The best oysters in France there are, of course, to the coast in the North-West. Eaten raw, with lemon and black pepper refined.


France is a country of wine and cheese. Over 400 varieties of cheese in France. Also the sauces are famous: Bechamel sauce, Hollandaise Sauce, Mayonnaise, and Remoulade originated in France and found throughout the world in their place. The Baguette is abroad to some extent, as a national Symbol of France. It is not, however, remains in the French kitchen. Classics such as Tartare, Moules frites and crème brûlée I have ever tried.

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