These foods should you never eat on the plane


airlines are saving for some time at the in-flight catering. They range not more than a Sandwich. These are sometimes over a year, durable, hard to believe that a.

A colleague has put this to the test: On a flight from Milan to Hamburg has handed him a Sandwich. This he did not want to eat immediately. Therefore, he took it home. There, he put it in the fridge and forgot about it. Whole one and a half years later, it still looked good enough to eat.

His curiosity was aroused. He sent the Sandwich to the lab – it was flawless, preservatives had kept it fresh. In the meantime, he eats a Sandwich on Board, but only to the granola bars. But what actually eat other passengers on the plane?

airline food in Economy Class: What Airlines on the folding table serving Fullscreen

Eurowings, Economy Class, (Smart Collective): Hamburg – London

©Till Bartels Seven food rules on Board of an aircraft

The Trend is for Airlines that meals must be purchased on Board, there are already longer. In the case of cheap flights, a third from pack your Packed lunch. To The Right! Because of this, money can be saved, and the leftovers from the fridge, not be drawn during the absence also affected.

But be careful: Also in the choice of brought in food, it is important to note some of the rules. Foods that are particularly greasy, and the smell is intense, you should not prefer to take on Board an aircraft. Space is limited, the next passenger sits only inches away from you.

Avoid also to consume oily meals. Not only because of the odor, but also so that during the flight, not bad. Who eats on Board, should also pay attention to food take, not leave, especially a lot of Dirt. The next passenger will thank you for it.

what you should note on Board of an aircraft with respect to the food, you will learn in the following images.


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