These nine things you should banish from your kitchen


Many products of everyday use are packaged in plastic or aluminum. Whether it’s salad, tea or coffee. Those who want to live more sustainably, you can start with these small things – pre-packaged fruit or vegetables as well as coffee in capsules lost in a budget-conscious people living, actually, nothing and easy to avoid.

you can Buy your fruit and vegetables in the supermarket, but on a week market. Make sure that when you purchase on the season. Strawberries in Winter, there is not in this country, simply, and if they do, they are bred in record time in a Spanish greenhouse.

a coffee you do not need to buy in capsules and thus pollute the environment. Coffee is best in small roasters to buy, there are it as whole beans or already ground. In addition, coffee capsules Kilo is expected to ums, a lot of times more expensive than coffee from manufacturers.


Controversial Theory

Breakfast should be the new Smoking? An expert gives the all-clear

Breakfast Is as unhealthy as Smoking? A biochemist makes this Thesis a stir. We spoke with an expert, what is the claim to it. She says that it is a matter of what you eat.

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

That you are doing your body no Good, if you excessive sugar consume and that is already in the Morning, actually, nothing New. Who eats for Breakfast sugar and rich in calories, saves the day and takes. In the result of Obesity, promotes the metabolic syndrome with insulin resistance. This means that, although enough Insulin, the sugar just incomplete in the cells. The result is that The blood sugar rises and it is formed more Insulin. Therefore, the following applies: Banish sugary cereals, and cereal from your kitchen and replace this with unsweetened whole-grain cereal with nuts and fresh fruit or a slice of whole grain bread.

the topic of packaging plays in a sustainable use of resources an important role in plastic foil and tea bags are bad for the environment, also kitchen paper should not be thoughtlessly wasted. What you should also ban out of the kitchen, show the images of the above photos.

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