These six mistakes you should avoid at lunch


It would hardly be one of them, that a lunch could be unhealthy and even weight gain, lead. As it is, however, under certain conditions, says the nutrition scientist May Commit to the “Daily Mail”. Who is to be employed, and, for the preparation of lunch, hardly more time. It is much easier to consume a Bite in a fast food restaurant or supermarket around the corner. The disadvantage is You have no control over what they eat and how much.

A typical error is to let the so-called saving menus affect. At first glance, they seem like a bargain, for little money all the menus. Especially in fast food shops menu with Burger, French fries, dessert and a soft drink curls. What many do not comply: With these menus you eat is actually much more than you would do usually. In Detail: more calories, more sugar and more fat. In the long run, a consumer such as this could lead to weight gain – and that is anything but healthy.

mention Six typical errors in the choice of lunch

The nutrition expert, a further five typical errors to make, especially professionals, when it comes to lunch.

Not saving menus affect!Make sure that the food is really healthy and not with supposedly healthy products to confuse, the not contain a lot of sugar and fat – such as Smoothies, Power bars, or vegetable chips lunch from home is not necessarily healthier!Not to late to eat, otherwise you get the munchies!The salad fooled! Not more care that the Dressing contains the calories than the salad itself is not too little food, and white rice, white flour Pasta and white bread better dsw avoid

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