These ten things you should avoid when eating in the company


other countries, Other customs: This is especially true for a business dinner abroad. The rules can vary from country to country. Who does not have to worry about culture or traditions, can step my foot in the business food quickly into fat and a negative impression on the potential business partner. Who begins such as eating a meal in Japan without being asked first, it is later difficult to conclude a Deal. Finally, this fatal gesture of respect. Only the guest of honor or the oldest Person at the table allowed to begin the meal. If you are lucky, on one of the two options is true maybe even. Then you can dismiss this as a gap in education. Or one is occupied, prior to the departure abroad with the customs of the respective country.

Germany=punctuality=France delays

How different the ideas are, what belongs to the good tone at a business dinner, alone, in our neighbouring country, France. For the Germans it would be an absurdity, if a business partner would only be five minutes late. In France, they would react with astonishment, would be the start of a Business Lunch on time. Who is Dating French, it will have to wait, in most cases, something. Take offense, not to you.

Lunch rules in Business: Why are you in Japan are never first with the food Fullscreen


eat: should begin to Catch never to be the first to eat. Wait until the guest of honor or the oldest Person.

plate empty: , The Japanese are not known to to approve a waste. Always try to keep your judgment to eat.

rods: you Hold your chopsticks, never upright. This is only on the funeral.


The rules apply to all Dinner parties

Quite apart from this, there are of course certain rules that apply in each of these countries. Charles MacPherson is as a long-time Butler and has already published his second book. In “The Pocket Butler: A Compact Guide to Modern Manners, Business Etiquette and Everyday Entertaining”, he concludes ten points on how to behave when eating in company, and what to avoid. MacPherson can look back on many years of experience as a Butler since the age of 26, he is in the service of prominent families around the world.

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