This butcher wants to convince the Spaniards from the Dry Aging, and makes no compromises


The Stand in the Mercado Central falls as a fine jewelry shop cheap jewelry stores. While everywhere of Spanish ham, poultry and pig noses are offered, are the “Vacum” beef back on multiple levels of Shelving in a maturation chamber kept: large, purple-coloured pieces of the Spanish race Casina Asturiana, for thirty days, matured, or Rubia-Gallega-meat, with a thick, yellow layer of fat, ripening for 90 days. Also around that stands out: Pink-orange Himalayan salt blocks lights on the walls, the floor is made of marble. Customers, who arrive here to see it: Here quality is sold.


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In the centre of Valencia, in one of the largest covered markets in Europe, has opened in the Spanish meat companies Vacum four years ago, his first Store. And butcher, Patricia Llorente Blanco has made it to your Empire. From Monday to Saturday, it advises the customer and cuts Dry-Aged Steaks, which are always described as the best in the world, the media, professionals and the customers anyway.

Llorente Blanco, 41, wears an apron, a red, sleeveless dress, high heel shoes and a leather. She is a petite, slender woman, so that you will be amazed in short, if you balanced a heavy Casina-Asturiana-back from the Ripening room and gently on a wooden table leaves. She ties her long hair in a bun, grabs a Japanese knife and cuts off a two-kilogram Steak for a customer. Her gaze is directed at the meat, she seems to be the loud market chatter around you hardly perceive.

In Valencia, and otherwise hard to find Dry-Aged meat

Federico, the customer, to look. He comes from Italy, in Valencia, he has a Restaurant. The Steaks that he is going to buy today, for a total of 156,15 euros, for his father, but also for its Restaurant, Federico always buys in the case of Llorente Blanco: “You will find in Valencia, and otherwise difficult-to-Dry-Aged-meat.” Spain and dry-aged Steaks – this is a complicated relationship. The Spanish Star-butcher Imanol Jaca, for example, the founder of the legendary steak brand “Txogitxu”, holds the maturation for an unnecessary fashion: “An Italian would hang up never a Pizza, in the hope that it will be better,” he once said. Also in Valencia and, in General, in the South of Spain, people have started only a few years ago, to eat aged Steaks. And it all are not yet convinced: “A man wanted to buy a Dry-Aged Steak with me because his wife said to him: ‘I don’t cook,” says Llorente Blanco.

Ironically, in a country Llorente Blanco and Vacum – co-founder José Rosell came up with the idea to specialize in Dry-Aged-Steaks – with success. Both are from León, a city in the North of Spain, about 700 kilometers from Valencia. Rosell supplied in his youth, the Restaurants with the meat until about 20 years ago, a better idea came: A company that sells less, but only the meat of the best quality. He asked his childhood friend, Llorente Blanco if she wanted to get in on the action. “At the time I studied speech therapy, but knew what I wanted to do in life,” she says. “I thought: why not?”

Today, you are one of the best meat companies in Spain, and their courage contributed to the success. To specialize in Dry – Aged Steaks, “it was a risk,” says Patricia Llorente Blanco, but: “We have been able to exploit this gap in the market.” Vacum has today almost the only noble parts in the offer, Steaks, Fillets, Rib Eyes and Entrecôtes. They work with their own cows, which live in the more than 2000 meters high mountains in the province of León in the free country. “You will eat what grows on the fields,” says Llorente Blanco, juniper, Heather, lavender, rosemary, and all of these herbs you can taste in the meat. The company sends weekly experts by abattoirs in the North of Spain, in order to find the finest pieces. Vacum focuses primarily on Spanish breeds Rubia Gallega from Galicia, Sayaguesa from the province of Zamora, but also mirandese in Portugal. And, what is typical for Spain: Vacas viejas, animals so an average of nine years of age. “Their flavor is strong, you have longer to chew,” says Llorente Blanco.


Although your Empire is, the point of Sale in the Mercado Central, helps Llorente Blanco sometimes the steak is cut in the industrial system

©Florian Bachmeier for BEEF!) Your grandma woke up the Steak-passion

the heart of the Vacum-production between anonymous buildings with flat roofs in the industrial area of Valencia. But slowly, until the Aperitif, then the guide is: In a hallway Llorente Blanco opens a bottle of red wine, takes of her black Dior bag, takes out a Japanese knife and cuts a Few slices of beef and ham. Again she addressed the view only to the flesh: “When Cutting, I switch off completely,” she says. Even as a child she loved to play with knives: “I was the naughtiest of five children and was sent to the penalty often to my grandparents,” according to Palanquinos. If Llorente Blanco thinks of this village, she sees the cows who drink from the fountain, and it tastes like the cream of the fresh milk. But above all, she sees her grandma: “she has slaughtered pigs,” says Llorente Blanco, “I always see with a bit of respect.” Later, they helped. In the kitchen, the fireplace smelled, prepared Chorizo sausages and ham. Here, your passion for meat began.

Llorente Blanco stands up: an end to the childhood memories, she now leads through the facility. In a cooling chamber, five men cut Steaks which are vacuum Packed and sent to distributors and Restaurants in Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, Dubai and London. So that they can remotely track the origin of the meat back, has Vacum a QR-System: Code to scan, and learns the name of the breeder, date of birth, and date of Slaughter, and the maturation period.

In the complex Llorente Blanco takes a piece of Rubia Gallega with a thick layer of fat in the Hand: “Smell of ripe cheese, such as Roquefort,” she says. Then she touched the fat: “It must not be soft.” It is the ripening chamber, which can be any Dry-Aging-lovers in a dream but then: Up to 1500 pieces of beef are matured back here around 100 days. It is between two and four degrees of cold, the humidity must stay below 80 percent. For 15 years, Vacum perfected the ripening process. “I love Casina-steak, 45 day matured, the Texture is perfect and the flavor intense, but not too strong,” she says. In Rubia Gallega, which estimates a 90-day maturation, “asnn taste the meat almost sweet”. Over the maturation period to decide but in the end, the customer.

Initially, Llorente Blanco Vacum have often represented at trade fairs, in order to improve the Image of Dry-Aged meat. When the company decided for the direct sales made by in-house butchers continue to make, learned to bark to clean back to cutting Steaks. Today it is available around the clock for your customers – even via WhatsApp. This is hard work, but it’s worth it: 2017 Vacum has won at the World Steak Challenge, a kind of world Cup, two Gold and a silver medal. It is successes such as these, the Llorente Blanco to give the feeling to have made the right decision, as she accepted years ago the offer of her childhood friend. Her career started almost by accident. Today, you know it was the luckiest chance that you would have

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