This food doesn’t belong on the Grill – especially not a Burger


Actually, this should not be even mentioned: of Course, when it comes to grilling meat, especially on the quality of the raw material. Therefore, you should look for when buying, always ensure where the animal comes from, how it lived and what it ate. Precious pieces of meat are worlds of so-called “Steaks” from the supermarket or discount stores far. We consider this a basic rule that quality determines the taste also, the correct preparation.

you need for the perfect Steak is not necessarily a High-Tech Grill, it depends on the temperature and a good steak frying pan will do. You should know that the Grill and pan must be very hot and turn the meat only when it’s rust on the Grill or on the pan sticks.

Nine tips for the perfect Steak

For users of Gas, electric or charcoal grills, there are nine steps that lead to the perfect Steak:

The Grill must be hot)to be the steaks at room temperature roast (with the exception of Wagyu!It is recommended the meat before a little oil so the meat does not stuck on the Grill you can season your Steak on the grill, so the spices don’t burn and the meat to develop its full flavour.The correct distance from the grate to the meat setting. For Steaks with a higher fat percentage, you should make sure that the leaking grease directly into the flame or embers. Thus, an open flame, the meat verbrenntDas Steak, turning regularly arises, so that the meat juices can optimally allocate a grill tongs cooking point use by volleyball test or a meat thermometer bestimmenDas Steak after grilling the rest for a few minutes

What food not on the Grill, we will show you in the images above – in our “BBQ don’t”list.

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