This is how to prepare perfect filter coffee – in four steps


Added: a coffee filter can look back on not a particularly notable past. To grandmother’s time it was cooked in steaming and gasping, coffee machine, was thin and was usually kept for hours in warm, so that he tasted with time, sour or bitter.

A good coffee filter is a genuine handmade

However, the “coffee party-coffee celebrates” of yore to make a Comeback. And rightly so: the filter coffee is not capsules, only with less resources than-portioned coffee in the alloy. It tastes on top of that, also really good when it is prepared from freshly ground beans and Hand-brewed.

a coffee filter without a lot of Chi-Chi, he is honest, strong and is drunk preferably black. To this end, he includes all Coffee drinks the most caffeine: A Cup of Espresso contains about 80 milligrams of the wax-maker – a Cup of filter coffee, however, around 90 milligrams. How he succeeds best shows in our photo gallery.

source: Verbraucherzentrale Bayern / European food safety authority (Efsa)

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Good coffee like it clean

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time for a Cup of coffee

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