This is Spain’s most expensive delicacy – but what is it?


a Good 1000 euros, you pay for a Kilo of the Spanish delicacy. Angulas, as they are called in Spanish, are joining in order to caviar, oysters and truffles. But where it actually is?

Alive with the Angulas are, German, glass eels, transparent, slimy, and slippery like little snakes. Cooked, they are white and look more like thin-sliced rings of squid. Appetizing you have yet to see.

As it is, however, in delicacies often taste better than they look. With Angulas but it behaves differently, they taste neither good nor bad. Nevertheless, retailers charge for the Babyaale exorbitant prices. What’s strange is, previously, the worm-like marine animals have been fed to chickens and pigs.

The main season for Angulas is in November, the best time to catch you in a dark, rainy night. The Special features of the marine animals is not necessarily the taste, but the Texture of, say lovers. Spaniards, especially in the Basque country, to swear on the delicacy. At Christmas and special Solid Angulas served in the Basque country like. That should explain the price. They embody Tradition and culture.

“A head of lettuce has more flavor”

The BBC-author Mike Randolph does not explain the popularity of the eels yet: He had already tried and could not recall that they were particularly tasty. In addition, he has spoken to some restaurateurs, the stress that you would pay for Angulas never such a high price. A chef tells the BBC: “they have no taste, no color, nothing, not even a smell. A head of lettuce has more flavor. But I had here [in my Restaurant] two men, and ordered half a Kilo of it. Five hundred Euro for an order.”


as a Tapas for exorbitant prices Angulas served on bread


Even caterers have an impact on the price of the Babyaale. Until the 60s, Angulas were eaten as the food of the poor, later they were exported to China in the 70s, then Spanish star Restaurants have discovered the supposed delicacy. So the prices exploded.

It comes to exclusivity, to not be able to afford things others. Only the high price of Angulas is to explain. She prefers to be served in Oil, garlic and hot chilli. And for 80 euros as a Starter. Too expensive? You can replace the Angulas easy with Spaghetti, it tastes even better.

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