This is the easiest gas grill in the world?


On a summer day on the lake Christian Battel, the desire came over for barbecues. Directly in front of the place for his family. With a simple Grill that can be always in the car or in your backpack and can be quickly and break down again. In the ideal case, should leave no glowing coals.

So, Battel, himself a passionate outdoor lovers decided to buy it the next day so a. However, after a few days research on the Internet, he noted: As a Grill, there is not yet on the market – no product was able to meet its claims.

“If there is a gas grill, then I build the level itself,” was the motto from the Outdoor Fan Battel. His first Attempts with a gas stove, a steel bucket and a stainless failed miserably. But with a lot of patience and research, the Grill managed-lovers, for today’s result: Skotti. He should be the first composite gas grill in the world. In order for the manufacturer advertises at least. We wanted to know more and have done the Test. What is the portable gas grill is good?

the Grill Is really so simple?

At first glance, you can’t even imagine that you can build from the eight Parts of stainless steel, a safe gas grill. But we remain optimistic. The grill items are conveniently packaged in an orange bag made of truck tarpaulin. Around a Velcro strip is located so that after use, dirt or grease can’t leak. Besides, the bag is used as a heat resistant pad for barbecue.


Fairly compact: With eight single parts made of stainless steel plus gas to assemble the Grill.


The bag fits in a normal backpack. (We tried it). The stainless steel parts look massive, spread out you have to einfuchsen how you put all the pieces together. But a guide, make a a lot more detailed than the building of a wooden shelf from a furniture store, the building is easy. Battel says himself, he can use the Grill in about 40 seconds and in ten seconds, remove. We need a good two minutes. Also, because we read the instructions carefully.

That was a experience of success. The Grill including the burner and gas hose is in a stable position on the balcony. Here nothing wobbles, and wobbles. So it is time for the trial by fire. At the Grill, a conventional gas cartridge of the type can be connected to the 417, with 7/16×28 UNEF-thread for the screws. The advantage of this is that you can use the cartridge several times. The gas supply and the temperature can then be set via a small rotary Knob rules.


According to the manufacturer, the gas grill is the only Grill to be in the world that can be completely disassemble.


The Gas is not flowing through the hose into the burner, an igniter, click here. You have to bring the Gas with a match or a lighter to Burn. Ideally, a wand lighter. The Grill will be hot in a few minutes. We dare: First, we place a tuna Steak, in addition, Pimientos de Padron (Spanish green Peperonis) and a grilled cheese. What we notice is that at the point At which the Gas flows, is most of the barbecue on the hot. On the opposite, it is a little cooler. What is good, when you cook, for example, a Steak, you can leave it in the cooler place still resting.

It only takes a few minutes and the food is ready. The gas supply can be shut down and turn off the Grill to cool down. Of course, the Grill looks more polished as they were before the first use. The rust has discolored the fat of barbecued food into the milled. “Never mind,” said Battel. Who is on the go, you can put it dirty back in the bag. The can be washed like all other parts up to the burner and hose in the dishwasher. Everything is clean? We tried it: The side parts have become clean, you only see the heat residue. The rust you have to help out but wool again with a steel. Polished to a high gloss you no longer get the Grill, but also does not interfere at all.


In a bag made of truck tarpaulin of the Grill can be good


if you don’t want to barbecue with Gas, use when Skotti is also the possibility of charcoal to be transported. For this you have to omit just the burner and the gas line in the building, and the stainless steel shell with carbon fill. For campfire-like atmosphere of the Grill is used as a fire bowl.

Our verdict:

The Skotti Grill is a good grill for on-the-go. Especially for camping holidays or for a weekend trip. For Hiking three kilos are a bit heavy. If you consider that it is fully equipped for several days on the road.

A large team, you can’t eat with the Grill also, which is rather intended for two or a family with small children. Cheap the Grill is not: For 159 Euro, he exceeds, for example, the portable Grill “Go-Anywhere” Weber. The you get already for about 80 Euro, but you can cheer him up only with charcoal. This flexibility makes the Skotti Grill to a all-rounder.

no Wind, and moderate temperatures away, heats the Grill up to 300 degrees. In the case of Wind and cooler temperatures, he creates at least 200 degrees. He is therefore also suitable for winter grilling.

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