This is the only Spaghetti recipes you’ll ever need


food is in Italy culture, it is celebrated as a Ritual. Never, it is only incidental, never paddles are mass of noodles into the belly, just tired. Never! For this reason, an Italian cena (dinner) consists of sequences from a series of Menu: start with an antipasto (Appetizer), followed by the primo piatto, usually a pasta or rice dish, secondo piatto – meat or fish with vegetables or salad, the completion of a sweet dolce, as the name suggests, a caffè, an Italian Espresso crowns.

In Italy it is not difficult to make a good Trattoria or an excellent Restaurant. You just have to follow the Italians, the storms, the Local counter 20 or 21 at. But how is this actually in Germany? We will give you eight Tricks, how can you tell if the Italian is worth a visit, or whether you should return prefer to the back. Some of the Tricks and rules are, of course, meant with a wink. Keep in mind, though the sentence: “Non si fa!” You don’t do that! Of the is very popular in Italy.

Eight Tricks, how do you recognise a good Italian restaurant

Trick 1: you can Order simple dishes such as Spaghetti aglio e olio. The Success depends on the best ingredients.

Trick 2: insalata caprese, so Mozzarella-tomato salad, is one of only olive oil and salt, never vinegar.

Trick 3: Antipasti should not be too sour, then you cover the taste of the vegetables.

Trick 4: a pasta dish with fish, Parmesan cheese must never. You don’t do that!

Trick 5: Scaloppine, so the Italian chips, are thin and made of calf meat.

Trick 6: To a good Pizza is neither pineapple, nor lamb, peas, or Corn.

Trick 7: the house wine has to taste and is not expensive.

Trick 8: rule of thumb number 1: A Cappuccino is a Breakfast. After dinner, Espresso is drunk.

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