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you are the producer of the well-known Food-series “Chef’s Table” on Netflix. Now the Show was even nominated for an Emmy. You are constantly surrounded with the best chefs and most exclusive foods. You pleasure is a guilty, a secret Vice, in terms of food?

David Yellow: My biggest Vice is Fast Food. Especially when I’m in airports. Most of the time I go to McDonald’s. I know it is very unhealthy. But when I was little, I went with my grandma to McDonald’s and bought me a Happy Meal. The taste of the fries reminds me about it to this day.

in the Meantime, the sixth season of Food series, which portrays the world’s most exciting chefs to be running. What drives you?

The inspiring people that we laugh always get good food () and that we share our experiences with the world. It is a very rewarding job.

her series about chefs and their dishes. How did the idea for the Show?

My first Film was called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. I did, because the understanding was represented on Sushi in the United States completely. I lived as a Student for some time in Japan and am often traveled there. I wanted to show what Sushi really means. As we researched for the Film, we found this extraordinary character, Jiro Ono. Probably the best sushi chef in the world. It was up to this time only Shows with chefs showing how to cook. But no one has shown why you are doing it. The Film was our breakthrough. So we went further and created the “Chef’s Table”.

How has “changed the Chef’s Table,” over the last six seasons?

The first two seasons focused on star chefs and very expensive Restaurants. It was great to see how the chefs created with a lot of passion, complicated, elegant, and beautiful dishes. But with time, we have not opened our chefs, others who were not necessarily famous. And even in the exclusive shops have been cooked. We wanted different kinds of cooks and kitchens. They all have in common that they work very passionately, and to tell an important and meaningful history.

The combination is probably not always easy to. How do you select the chefs?

Each Episode has a experts, a kind of Food-Journalist, the researched and the first contact with the cooking continues. We get to know our new chef, while we shoot an Episode. If we make a new season, must be balanced the mix. This means that different international chefs, different cooking styles in various levels of career. You have to think of it as a kind of Casting. You need characters with good stories.

What do you personally find so fascinating about the chefs?

I love the cooks, because they are so generous and so much risk, in which you open your own Restaurant. One bad night could ruin your Business. The chef must deliver every day. It is kind of like a Performance, which lasts his whole life, or until he closes the Restaurant. In addition, chefs are great storytellers. The story you tell with your food.

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Mango and Sticky Rice, Thailand

Mango with sticky rice drizzled with coconut milk. To clean delicious place! In Bangkok at almost every street corner.

let’s assume you have found a suitable chef for a new movie. What do you do then?

If we are interested in a chef, we will create a large Research document, we collate everything that has been written about the chef. We interview different people from his surroundings, and we try to find its history, it is worth to show. It is only when we are confident that we have found a good character, we in the exchange with the cook: Whether he is at all interested and what kind of Story we want to tell.

How long does it take to be a rotary?

We will need for each cooking ten days. We are very grateful that the cooks give it that time. Because we dominate in the time to really live your life. We follow them permanently. Our Crew consists of about ten to twelve people, some with big cameras. We provide lighting for their kitchens and to lead a long and grueling Interviews. Then we will hone it for about two months on the Film: The cut, to the music that is composed. Everything has to fit, only then do we put all the pieces together.


Dalad Kambhu in Berlin

you got as a single woman this year, a Michelin star – what is stopping you

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

there Is an Episode about the would you say this was the most difficult?

Our new Show “street food”, in which we portray chefs in Asian streets, was logistically the most difficult. Because we have no Restaurant, in which we set up. We are stands on the streets, to the small Food. You have less control. Challenging the episodes, for which we need to inaccessible places always are. For example, we went with the chef Alex Atala from Brazil, in the Amazon, dedicated to the products and the preparation of species of the Amazon. For Shooting with Virgilio Martinez, in Peru, we have needed oxygen masks, because we shot at a great height.

What chef would you portray happy times?

There’s a lot of give to it. But I don’t want to get your hopes up (laughs). I would have liked to have rotated with the French star chef Paul Bocuse. Unfortunately, he passed away.

Who has moved you the most?

All of them have gripped me in their own way. But Jeong Kwan, a Buddhist nun from South Korea, has fascinated me the most. It has no Restaurant of its own, it is more of a teacher. But she cooks for her sisters in the monastery and has a unique perspective on life. It differs from other chefs through its meditative, quiet way the Other chefs are very ambitious and hard in dealing with their employees. Jeong Kwan focuses on something else: on time.


New cook book “My Way”

star chef Tim Raue from the pack: “I never wanted to end up back in the gutter”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

you have also made a Film about a German chef Tim Raue. What attracted you to him?

In many levels, he is the opposite of Jeong Kwan. Therefore, the two are also in the same season. Tim is a very serious and ambitious. I love his food, because I’m a big Fan of Chinese cuisine, from the kitchen, in turn, is very strongly influenced. And its history is outstanding: He comes from a very aggressive Background, was a member of a street gang and has turned this energy into a cooking career. To run a Restaurant, is always to host and to welcome people Welcome. I find that impressive.

How did you meet?

The was celebrated in 2011 as “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” at the Berlinale Premiere. Tim Raue cooked a menu that was inspired by my Film. It was delicious.

As the first season of 2015 was published, has probably expected, no one with the immense success. Have you and the chefs know what is in store for them?

We have believed that a Show that is aired on Netflix, would bring the chefs pay more attention. But back then no one knew how big Netflix would be. The impact is felt by all the chefs, even today. Especially when a new season is released, the attention is even greater, because it is broadcast in 190 countries. The interest of tourism and the media industry is huge. This is something we warn our chefs. You need to be prepared for an onslaught. I think the chefs like that because they have a story to tell, and therefore the audience need to tell it to you.

The cooks to use the “Chef’s Table” as a platform.

exactly. For Example, Massimo Bottura. The advantage of the attention only to present his cooking skills, but is involved with a Foundation globally against world hunger. And the head chef Asma Khan from our recent season has just opened a cafe in a refugee camp in Iraq. It is great that these people have the option of using Netflix to reach a larger audience. For a good purpose.

to talk Why it is so important about eating and food?

Because everyone eats. And it’s more important that people eat well and healthy and not the food industry makes the bags full. It is nowadays hard to get good products for a good price. This must change. Therefore, it is important to talk about, to improve the food industry so that people worldwide healthy diet.

do you Believe, “Chef’s Table” would have had five years earlier the same success?

It came together a lot of things: Netflix has believed in the concept. No other station wanted to make a cooking show without a presenter. This was a big risk. In addition, we had new cameras, the technology was so good that we “were able to turn Jiro”, for example, with two cameras, and the result is like a real movie looked like.

you have shot many films with the great chefs. Do you eat differently now?

Absolutely. My biggest change? I accepted in the vegetarian kitchen, the I have previously. I thought, I need a big Steak to be satisfied. Now I’ve learned that you can cook great vegetarian, but also vegan dishes that make for a full and happy.

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you are a Foodie, cook like self. What is the Trick you have learnt from the best chefs in the world?

to have Something very Simple actually: patience and use good products. If you are grilling, let the Steak or the vegetables on the Grill, apply non-permanent. Alain Passard has to me shown how to cook eggplant perfectly: easy on the flame. Until the shell is charred completely. So you get the full flavor of the vegetables with a smoky flavor.

The most important question: Should you, during the filming of all the leftovers to work to eat?

Oh, Yes! Our favorite moment during a shoot is called the “Food Symphony”. On the day we take pictures of all the dishes, which are perfectly lit. Each Crew member has his own Cutlery with them always. As soon as we say “Cut”, come from all sides, forks, knives or spoons, and destroy the work of art (laughs).

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