This new order System could change the whole fast food industry


In 980 branches of McDonald’s are able to pre-order customers their food via the App and then in the store of your choice to pick up. This new Service could be a radical change in the catering industry.

What’s interesting: The order will only be enabled if the customer is located within a Radius of 200 meters to the desired Abholfiliale. In a sense, fast food to go – without waiting in line. The concept is called “Mobile Order & Pay” and could Burger chains sustainable change – similar to the mobile Check-in at airports: “This is what the guest want and what is, for him, becoming a habit,” says Michael Lidl, managing Partner of the gastronomy consultant Treugast Solutions to the “Business Insider”. “And vendors need to have their own personnel for the administrative things to clamp.”

In the United States has developed the concept of the show to a thriving business. According to an analysis by Goldman Sachs, American fast-food chains to achieve a much higher level of sales at digital pre-orders than the sell-off at the counter. Like the “Business Insider” reported the Mexican chain Chipotle has doubled its profit through Online orders. In Germany, McDonald’s is now on digitalisation, in order to be a pioneer with the new ordering System.

environmental experts to explain

Therefore, be the largest restaurant eco-conscious

McDonald’s chains in the world now as a test, opened a sustainable Store, Starbucks makes the coffee in the reusable cups cheaper, Subway is relying on eco-friendly business practices. The world’s largest restaurant chains focus on sustainability. What do you think?

More sales with Online orders

The economic forecasts are good, and the fast food chains are in direct competition with bakeries. The had especially in the morning rush hours, significant advantages in the processing of orders. So far, the hectic Breakfast business for fast food was the Restaurants are not relevant. The customer would not have the time to wait for the preparation of the food. With the “Mobile Order & Pay”concept, new ways to do there.

fast food in criticism

Ex-McDonald’s CEO warns: “do not Go! To not Burger King, not McDonald’s”

Also, Starbucks and more sales with the new ordering system. But only in the US, in Germany there weren’t any plans. What is surprising, because the coffee chain made in the USA, in the meantime, 40 percent of sales with Online orders. On demand of the “Business Insider” has also to introduce Burger King, no ambitions, Online orders. The question of how long the pressure to innovate is still able to keep up with remains. The big difference to American customers: The Germans were less digitalaffin. The development will last for several years. But the fact is: in The end, only a System can exist – and everything points to a broader digitisation.

source: “Business Insider”

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