This vodka shows: potatoes you have to drink, not eat


Even the great love does not last forever. This is a painfully aware of, if you look on German plates. Because the potato, once the German’s favourite side dish, one discovers there is always more rare. Used to be eat 200 kilograms per capita and year, it is now only 60, and half of them suffer the inglorious end in the Form of frozen French fries and überwürzten Chips. For the knoll loss there are several reasons for this: people are more comfortable and cooking is rare, the preparation is relatively cumbersome and, in contrast to a perfectly neat Bowl had a jacket Potato is not very instagrammable. In short: The people of tuber is in crisis. She was dropped like a hot … well.

the future of the potato is probably not even on the plate but in the glass.

Renaissance of the long hamlet of

That can be created from potatoes, wonderful and aromatic distillates, shows, of all things, vodka. The Moment, like the avid cocktail drinkers pipe, vodka, and aromatic – how does that fit? The initial doubts are justified, finally, no other spirits category in such a short period of time the basis was probably, like vodka. Instead of the innovative artisans, the marketing departments had a Say in the case of many manufacturers, the. They campaigned with dozen-fold distillation and Diamond filtration and that the vodka in the Morning then no hangover. A great thing, unfortunately, you have to taste the night before, no.

the vodka was the epitome of boredom. Here, only the aim – to be drunk – and not in the way. “I apologize for the last 15 years, when I talk to start with people about vodka,” admits William Borrel, although he can and nothing more. Guilt by Association, so to speak. However, the London-based bartender with Polish roots know what he’s talking about: In just about ten years he began to produce Vestal, a vodka that makes a lot of things differently than modern manufacturers.


WIlliam Borrell told passionately about potatoes and what he can do with them

©Swetlana wood of The wine in vodka

Borrells vodka is distinguished by two things from the Monotony of the competition. Since the raw material is first. Many manufacturers rely on cheap, neutral alcohol from molasses, through these varieties, you lose the best not another word. Anyone who puts a little more emphasis on quality, adopts wheat: Cheap to buy, but apart from a slight Sweetness is also a little character. A little stronger rye is used, for example, Belvedere as a base.

“The potato I see, however, rather than fruit,” explains the Briton. They offer a variety of flavors, which can vary depending on the Vintage in completely different ways. The advantage of Borrell in a very business-man: Apart from his several potato varieties produced Blend, the Standard vodka, sold to the British single-varietal vintage varieties. This is otherwise known from the world of whiskies.

The differences are striking: The same type of potato, grown on the same field, developed according to the harvest quality completely new flavor profiles. The 2011 Vintage has fruity notes, during 2014 you will feel fine agave notes on the tongue and you mean to have the Tequila in the glass. For bartenders, who are always in search of new gizmos that opens completely new possibilities. The Hamburg Svetlana wood created from the 2014, the Tequila-Vodka, and even an unusual Margarita on a vodka base.


Ludmilla’s Margarita, named after the underlying type of potato.

©Swetlana wood

Borrell referred to its product as “Terroir”-Vodka. This sounds pretentious, but the Parallels with the wine are visible. As the winemaker also Borrell of nature is dependent on: 2012 guzzled the fields in Pomerania, because of the rain starting, many of the potatoes were rotten. “That was a painful Moment.”

price of new spheres

But not only is the potato makes all the difference, but also the craft. It begins with the harvest, which occurs in September, when the tubers are small. “Larger potatoes make a rich, but smaller, have more flavor,” says Borrell. To squeeze as much flavor in the bottles, he uses up to 15 tons of potatoes for 1000 bottles. For comparison, Some competitors use for the same amount of a ton.

The power, of course, also the price is noticeable: The Standard variety (a Blend of the varieties Asterix and Russet Burbank) costs 32 Euro for 0.7 Liter and is often more expensive than the Smirnoffs of this world. With them Borrell does not want to compete but also not. He sees his product more in a League with Grey Goose and Belvedere, which also require around 30 euros per bottle. With the vintage variants Borrell for vodka reached unfamiliar spheres, at the cost of up to 89 euros per half a Liter, so it is only for connoisseurs and collectors.

vodka, don’t

cool, And how to drink as the Bar professional his vodka the most? Pure, of course, at room temperature. Him in the freezer down to a bad habit is cool Borrell finds. Because the flavors, to which he is so proud to go almost completely lost. “It’s only to make cheap alcohol to drink.” As a Drink, he likes a vodka Martini, which is traditionally prepared from six Parts vodka, one part vermouth, and ice.

the Cosmopolitan addressed, will Borrell, almost philosophically. “It was the birth and the death of the vodka,” said the Briton. The Drink is the end of the 1990s a global reputation boost by the television series “Sex and the City”, it was Friends he is the most favorite drink of Carrie Bradshaw and her men consumption. The category was extremely popular until today, the most-selling Spirit is vodka in the world. The quality remained mostly on the track. In the end, nothing remained many bartenders more than the vodka trade.

gone are The days, the Trend goes on in the Bars back to more quality. Smaller brands such as Vestal or in this country sincerity Vodka (organic rye) have him, now even big brands react. Belvedere about started last year with “Smogóry Forest“ and “Lake Bartężek” two vodkas in the Terroir-style. Perhaps we are now witnessing the second birth of the most famous spirits in the world.

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