This woman has taken off with bread and cakes – and a Bestseller written


It sounds too good to be true: Can you really lose weight, although it continues to be bread and cake? This question is investigated Güldane-old Kruger. “Without bread and cake – anyone can do it, Yes. Diet free of carbohydrates, can be seen just everywhere. But it goes well with bread and cakes,” says old krüger in an interview with the star.

After the birth of her two children to old Kruger had put on a lot of weight, the Kilos you wanted to get rid of. Also, using the well-known diets, brought to you but the goal. What was missing in most of the time: bread and cakes.

So she went into the kitchen and experimented. It should go the other way, she thought. You should be right. She has not removed, only 18 kilograms, also a book that will ripped with the title “Slimming with bread and cake” literally out of the Hand came. A few days ago, she sold her one hundred-thousandth copy. On the Amazon Bestseller list, your book is # 1.


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By Denise Snieguole Wachter bran, The concept is the key

? Refined industrial sugar not included in any of the recipes, is sparse, it keeps the old Kruger also made with wheat flour. It relies completely on bran from oats or wheat, psyllium seed husks, spelt whole-grain flour and low-fat quark. Bran is the shell of the grain. Earlier the ended up with the animals, we now know the density but to the nutrient.

The Sweetness comes through birch sugar, honey, very ripe sweet fruit, or coconut blossom sugar. “On the market there is so much sugar,” says the old Kruger. “In the book, I have kept myself back, to recommend a sugar substitute that everyone should decide for themselves.”

The first recipes the hamburger of your Weight-Watchers group is available, the call soon after further healthy pastries. Old Kruger switches on the Social Media platform Instagram and published their Baking skills. Your follow number quickly grows to 10,000 Users, before the book is on the market, the Feedback is consistently positive. Your Fans bring you eventually to make a book out of your recipes.

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Amazon locks your account

old krügers Problem: she has no idea about. So she makes a Social Media course and frickelt at night on your book. They ordered 1000 books and offers them at Amazon. After three days all the copies are gone. Amazon then locks the account. “Because I had no sales history and no customer reviews it was Amazon suspect”, reminiscent of the old Kruger. “For a No-Name author like me, but there was no other way than the books at Amazon to offer.” So it begs the online retailer, to your Account again to unlock.


The book “lose weight with bread and cake” has already sold over 100,000 Times. Güldane-old Kruger has it printed in the Self-publishing (DplusA Verlag). 128 pages. 16,95 Euro. Available e.g. on Amazon, it’s in bookstores or online,.

Since then, the demand for the book. Now you can find “lose weight with bread and cake” in many bookstores. With the hustle and bustle of the old Kruger did not expect, you and your family were completely overwhelmed. In the meantime, has set up the Hamburg professional: she founded a self-publishing house with an affiliated publishing and printing house, and with large book dealers networked. Since a few weeks it now runs around, yet old Kruger has Packed the books directly from their homes and sent.

The success has motivated the author. She is already planning a second cookbook. It will turn to bread and cake, but not only.

Here you will find two baking recipes from “lose weight with bread and cake”:

– These rolls are not only delicious, they can also help you lose weight

– This chocolate tart with applesauce lets you shed the pounds

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