Tim Mälzer do Not need to deserve the closing of his Restaurant: in a single day the money


last spring, TV chef Tim Mälzer, and his Partner Patrick Rüther were convinced that your Restaurant Hausmann’s in the old town of düsseldorf would bring the desired success. Puff cake. The Store didn’t make it, therefore now pulled the rip cord, at the end of January, the Restaurant closes its doors. What had happened?

First of all: It is not the first Restaurant that has to close, Tim Mälzer. Some years ago, Brewer took part in an Italian Restaurant in Manhattan, New York City. The Restaurant was broke, he learned only two months later by telephone. To take with his projects in New York culinary feet, he failed and burned a lot of money.

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Green mush and yellow cream: Tim Mälzer me in front of a culinary mystery – I can crack it?

By Denise Snieguole Wachter Tim Mälzer draws after four years, the ripcord

Now, therefore, must believe the closest Restaurant to it. After nearly four years of the Hausmann closes in the old town of düsseldorf. Tim Mälzer, and his Partner Patrick Rüther see no more perspective for the Restaurant. In a statement, it means that the Local “has not earned in a single day money.” Wistfully, the two look back: “We have set since opening a lot of love, effort and financial resources in the location and will now have to recognize, unfortunately, that we have failed,” Rüther honest. “Sometimes a terrible end is better than horror without end.”

it has come to this, is the fact that a Maltster as well as all of this are spot on. Both live and work in Hamburg. What is Mälzer explanation as to why the Restaurant never made a profit in was able to land: “The sales were in order. We have not made it plain from the distance, the cost structures in such a way that a profitable operation would have been possible.”

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So, it looks behind the Scenes of “Grill the Henssler”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter Also Steffen Henssler must be a Restaurant close

Brewer is not the only well-known restaurateur, it is so. How the “Hamburg morning post” reported, even Steffen Henssler of a Restaurant. The pilot project “Ben Green” by the TV chef and Ex-HSV player Marcell Jansen had to make after one and a half years now. Only in June 2017, the Veggie Restaurant was launched as a pilot project at the Cologne/Bonn airport. Now is the end of it again.


chef Thomas Bühner, “La Vie”

He had one of the best Restaurants in the world to close – what has this to do with the stinginess of the Germans in order to

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The Brewer-brand Hausmann’s remains, however, both at the airport Frankfurt as well as at düsseldorf airport. There, the Mix of Bistro and Brasserie works.

star chefs of the financial miseries of the victims. In the summer of 2018 Three-star Restaurant “La Vie was for’s” final. The Restaurant was one of the 150 best in the world. The then managing Director, and chef Thomas Bühner spoke with the star about image problems in the top gastronomy and the stinginess of the Germans. the read more here.

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