Tim Mälzer’s fault that so many apprentices cancel their apprenticeship as a chef


The profession of a chef has a bad reputation: unbearable working hours, unpaid Overtime, physically and mentally you are often to its limits, the guest are critical, the tone in the kitchen is rough. So it’s no wonder that more and more apprentices cancel their Apprenticeship. Every second more precisely. This is the education report in 2019, the German trade Union Federation (DGB).

But is that really all the reasons? Not if you ask Ulrike von Albedyll, managing Director of the German Hotel and restaurant Association (Dehoga) in Hamburg. She believes that many students have incorrect expectations of the course, such as the “mirror” reported. “You can see the chef Tim Mälzer casual on television and thinking, so, too, the training would take place.” Tim Mälzer is to be blame for the fact that many apprentices cancel their Apprenticeship? We talked to young chefs about what they think of the statement.

TV review


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By Denise Snieguole Wachter “Tim Mälzer is the only reason why there are still apprentices,”

“I see the talent concerns of the Gastro contrary to the Dehoga: cooks like Tim Mälzer are the only reason why are there still apprentices who choose the profession of cooking,” says Thomas Kosikowski, who runs the Restaurant “Salt & Silver” in Hamburg, in an interview with the star. “The Dehoga is an Association of the old time. The Association has lost touch with the young Generation and therefore has problems to find young talent.”

The Dehoga represents the hospitality industry as an industry Association, it represents the interests of the Gastgewebers towards politics, the media and the Public. Many young restaurateurs are faced with the Dehoga now critical. This is outdated, have lost touch with the young Generation, and engaged in Lobby work for the big companies.

Simon Limon, head chef at Chicha Berlin, is shocked by the statement, the country Manager of Dehoga: “I understand that Tim Mälzer performance for the German cuisine and the gastronomy will not be accepted. I see the responsibility with the Dehoga itself. The training to become a chef is measured by completely outdated Standards,” says Limón the star. Limón stand in 2016 with his food truck in the Tim Mälzer show “caravan of chefs” in front of the camera. Without the Knowledge and Input of the TV chef, he probably would never have become a chef in one of the best Peruvian Restaurants in Germany, he says.


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We appeal to the country managing Director of Dehoga, have again confronted with her statement in the “mirror,” and that many of the young chefs in us have reported to see your comment critical. Ulrike von Albedyll, commented as follows: “As an employer representative, we will name the reasons for the high drop-out rate from the employer’s point of view. The discrepancy between the expectations of the trainees and the actual daily work is an often-stated reason for the termination of a training”, says von Albedyll the star. They also stressed that any chef training, “according to a nationwide uniform training regulation” is and should be of every operation, whether in the hotel restaurant, or “new restaurant” complied with.

“didn’t remain The training in the 80s are”

the Dehoga is out of date, only Thomas Kosikowski from the “Salt & Silver”, but also other colleagues. “If someone is responsible for the young is a problem, then it is the Dehoga itself. This must change, the environment, and to ensure that training content be adapted to the current working day. The training is stuck in the ‘ 80s,” says Bea Schulz, a self-employed cook. “I’m not a big Fan of Tim Mälzer, but he is one of the few that has ensured that young people’s interest for cooking as a profession.”


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are The allegations of the training of the Dehoga that neither creativity nor individuality are encouraged in the teaching. Often trainees are not allowed to cook in the first year, but with potato peel and vegetable content snipping. “You should have fun and learn something, further develop, and at the end of his craft dominate. And not only in hotel kitchens and in system catering, micro support shafts and bags to rip open,” says Onur Elci, founder and Partner of the mobile cooking unit “Kitchen Guerilla” in an interview with the star.

Onur Elci complained that the Dehoga has not understood the modern gastronomy: “It’s about humane working hours and paid Overtime. Add to this seasonality, regionality, sustainability and product understanding. A good example is the for your shopping cart the final examination of the Dehoga two years ago: There was a leg of venison from new Zealand and asparagus from Thailand. To learn under these conditions, a profession that is, in my opinion, in 2019 simply mind-boggling.”

There is another

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That there is another way, shows the “Salt & Silver”. From 2020 onwards, the Restaurant must train expected. The Claim? Good pay, fair working hours, every employee should be treated individually, and do, what he needed most. Seminars and trainings are paid and the employees with Equipment equipped to develop. This is of course associated with costs, but for Kosikowski and his Team it is not only an investment for a good working climate. You also create a job in the gastronomy, you want to work with.

It seems that the discrepancy between the reality of the Dehoga and the chefs and restaurateurs who operate a modern, owner-run Restaurant, is quite large remains. You can feel the hardened fronts: On the one hand, the gastronomy Association, is supposed to represent the interests of the cooks, who do not feel represented but. On the other hand, the young, energetic chefs and restaurateurs, the fight to ensure that the professional chef experienced appreciation.

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