Tomato paste from Italy? Italian is just the Name how the consumer will be deceived


Probably every day, we use in Germany, peeled canned tomatoes, or tomato paste from the Tube for the classic Spaghetti Bolognese or the toppings for Pizza. But do we know how the tomatoes end up in the cans and tubes? The ZDF has addressed the topic and frightening found out: It’s all about profit maximization, exploitation, and farmers will be ruined.

The selection of tomato sauces seems huge, only a few producers are behind it but. The romantic image of the tomato farmers in Italy does not correspond to the reality. Rather the opposite is the case.

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By Denise Snieguole Wachter

In China, for example, here is the market of the tomato industry, dominated by day-labourers receive for a kilogram of tomatoes you harvest, is about a penny. The work is hard, only the Poorest do. One of the reasons why Chinese tomatoes are so cheap and so southern European displace. China wants to be the market leader in the tomato industry, although it is the country with the least consumer of tomatoes or Ketchup.

The red-Gold of the tomato industry,

China sees in the tomato paste, the big money. The Chinese food company Cofco is since 20 years a super power in the tomato industry, export, the Mark tons abroad. The concentrate is filled into barrels, and in more than 130 countries. From the Mark for a variety of products: Ketchup, tomato sauces of well-known brands such as Nestlé, Unilever and Heinz arise. All of these big brands to buy the tomato paste of Cofco. Heinz is the largest buyer.

The Paradox: It is an Italian who came up with the idea of tomatoes to produce a concentrate in China. Probably for cost reasons. The Sad thing for consumers: The concentrate is from China, is in Italy with Italian tomato paste. For this you have to just mix salt and water in an Italian factory, and an Italian-style Label on the can of glue. The only Italian in the products is the Name. How, for example, the brand name “Gino”, the Label is the Italian origin suggests. The contents is the same but from China. As a result, consumers are misled.

See more of the show “Red Gold – the secrets of The tomato industry” in the ZDF-Mediathek

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