TV chef Steffen Henssler blames himself: I should have known


TV chef Steffen Henssler lays the blame for his Failure as a successor of Stefan Raab himself: “I should have known,” he said the “New osnabrück newspaper”. “The audience did not want to see me in this Form – even if it hurts. I have to accept.” The 46-Year-old returns after his one-year trip to ProSieben to his place at the transmitter Vox. There, he starts this Sunday (5. May), at 20.15, a new edition of his Show “Grill den Henssler”.

“In “Schlag den Henssler” the corset is very tight; I couldn’t unfold me so as in “Grill the Henssler”, where I do a lot of spontaneous,” said the Hamburg-based chef and restaurateur of the newspaper. “Of course not, it is always annoying when something works. In the end it is only TV. I had to close not a factory and 500 people in unemployment.”

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So, it looks behind the Scenes of “Grill the Henssler”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter Steffen Henssler: “You know that it can fail,”

“blow to the Henssler” tried that, regretted it: “I’m not knit. If one assumes a Format of such a strong protagonist such as Stefan Raab, you know in advance that it can fail,” said the 46-Year-old. “I try me and will continue to do so. If you now have a very abstruse offer a political talk would be – for example – then I would not cancel and at least briefly think about it.” And he already has an idea of what he would shit talk as a political Moderator as the First “school. I would probably stay first in my theme to drive people away.”


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