Waiver? Not with me. I want chocolate, champagne and shopping


on The Internet and not only there, there is just people that boast, how bravely you approach the new year samples, the “life without alcohol”, to swear, to buy less, because drinking is bad for the mind and the earth. Or try the “sugar-free-Challenge” (only this word).

I go this waiver preacher to the spirit. Do what you want, you teetotaler, but spare me your die boring experience reports on Facebook or anywhere else. I don’t want to know how it is, “to live for 40 days without sugar”. I want chocolate in the new year: champagne and shopping.

When I swell on Facebook sentences read as: “sugar contains no vitamins or minerals, not saturated, makes for a sick and dependent”, to me the comb. “Saving your teachings, wife, school master”, I would like to hack then prefer to answer in the comment column. The “white poison” hiding “anywhere,” like a common criminal, may be for “Obesity, Diabetes, and other diseases”. To be quite honest? I don’t care. I was always slim, as almost all in my family, does not want to lose weight, but enjoy. Yes, ENJOY, read that right.

chocolate is Life

chocolate keeps me happy and my brain busy, especially in the afternoon when the blood sugar level drops. It tastes, pure joy of life. Not my only “sweet sin”, if I’m honest. “Why do you not take less sugar, Mr Riedel”, was attended by colleagues, the boss of Haribo the other day in the pliers. I just thought: Just. Gummy bears, especially the little ones are perfect. To the packaging (small plastic bags that are stuck in a larger, really too much, Mr Riedel).

alcohol consumption

Federal States in comparison: Where will had too much to drink?

Less shopping in order to save the world, is out of the question for me also. With my money I’m going to stimulate the economy. Consumption, your minimalist, I know, you don’t want to read now, not destroyed, perhaps only the earth, but also creates jobs. Three million people work in Germany in the retail sector. Around 50,000 in the confectionery industry. If we all buy only what we need, breaking the economic. In the world, I dare to say.

No respect for other people’s work

And that annoys me: In the heroic Report from the waiver of a contempt for other people’s work resonates with. The “working day” of a Baker starts between two and three o’clock at night. Who wants to be a Chocolatier, you should have learned to be a pastry chef. And even that is not necessarily enough to be really good. Three years of the formation of a winemaker takes. In Germany to 2018, over 10 million hectolitres of wine were harvested. By the way, as I don’t want to push myself. Or are we supposed to destroy the crop? From time to time a glass needs to be easy.

My only wish

… So I want to do without in the new year. A desire I have, however, is a big one. Please, please, dear God, dear universe or whoever else is responsible for: I wish that my grandmother experienced her next birthday. For sugar-free diet, she is interested in, to my knowledge, never. Waiver, however, was something to which she was for many years forced. Not only because she survived the second world war and, at times, hungry. In the Ex-GDR, it was missing. Coffee, chocolate, alcohol, for her, were a luxury. My mother grabbed several packages. Chocolate was never allowed to be missing. After the turn I drank with my grandmother champagne. Real Champagne, which now belongs to the world cultural heritage. I hope that I can toast in April with a really fine wines on their Well-being. If it is 100 years old.

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